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Anyone who came of age in America in the late 1960’s will never forget the discord, anger, and divisiveness of those times. An unpopular war in Vietnam pitted brother against brother, generation against generation, toppled politicians, and led to civil disobedience, assassinations, and rioti…

Maybe you heard about the husband who didn’t want his wife to know he’d been out on the town drinking again. When he got home, he sneaked as quietly as he could up the stairs. He looked in the bathroom mirror and bandaged the bumps and bruises he’d received in a fight earlier that night. He …

A businessman was walking along one day when he noticed a little boy with a box full of squirming little puppies. A sign read: “ATHEIST PUPPIES FOR SALE. $10 EACH.”

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I was raised in a Christian home. My dad was a minister of the gospel and my parents taught me to live by the Golden Rule.

Gary Moyers wasn’t my first managing editor, but he was the first one who believed in me enough to let me handle my own sports department when I began my journalism career. That meant the world at the time.

Rallies are supposed to be peaceful and you may or may not disagree with the form of protest. That’s one of the rights given to us by our forefathers.