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You may remember the story about the preacher who was doing some door-to-door visitation. He introduced himself to an older woman who was none too happy to see him. She demanded he leave immediately and slammed the door.

The Berea College Farm began as a garden and a few dairy cows in 1871. Today, it stretches across 500 acres and includes beef cattle, hogs, poultry, field crops, horticulture crops, and honey bees. All year long, Berea will be celebrating our sesquicentennial—the 150th anniversary—of one of …

Growing up, my parents taught me not to discuss politics and religion, because it was best to keep the peace and see the value in the fact that everyone doesn’t possess the same opinion as you do.

You may recall the story about the old fellow who had a routine of walking around the Social Security office, picking up every piece of paper he found. He’d examine the paper closely and say, “No, that’s not it.” He’d then throw it back down.

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Each year, we make resolutions to exercise regularly, eat well, and give up smoking and other bad habits. Following these basic rules could cut heart disease risk by 80 percent, diabetes risk by 90 percent, and cancer risk by 50 percent. But, most of us fail to keep our promises to ourselves.