Keith Taylor column 4

There’s something about going to the county fair.

The Madison County Fair and Horse Show is one of the best in the state and it continues to get better every year. We had a chance to attend this past weekend and enjoyed our yearly visit to the Madison County Fairgrounds on Irvine Road.

The rides — as my niece Addisyn will tell you — are enjoyable and get better with time. I didn’t ride the crazy bus this year but did enjoy the swings that took you sky high and brought you back down in a matter of like, five minutes. Addisyn didn’t take in that ride because of heights, but I’m willing to bet she will give it a try next year. Rhonda strolled the carnival section with Addisyn and her friends Madison and Morgan, while I shifted gears and watched the event of the night.

The highlight for me — along with my oldest niece Shelby and her friends Casey and Katelyn were the truck and tractor pulls. There is just something about the roar of a truck or tractor pulling weight that’s exciting.

I guess it’s because we went there frequently at the old fairgrounds when I was young. We went about every year and it was a highlight before we started back to school. My uncle, Mike May always pulled his Chevrolet in the truck pull and it was exciting to watch him pull his truck with ease on that old track.

Back then it was trucks and tractors, but this year, I noticed a van in the field and vehicles that were modified in a several shapes and sizes. I prefer the traditional truck or tractor method, but that’s just me.

I can still remember our family packing up and making the trek to Richmond in my dad’s old 1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne. I always thought one day I could buy a big truck and pull in one of those events, but it’s funny how time slips away. Maybe one day, I will give it a try, but I get enjoyment watching others pull the weight.

Prior to the truck pull, I attended Club Arena’s 60th birthday party and it took me back to when I learned how to skate. I spent a lot of Friday nights there as a teenager and we would always go skating after church on Sunday in the early 1980s. As Teresa mentioned last week, it was my first date venue, many moons ago.

Club Arena is where I learned to skate and I’m sure my fingerprints are still clawed in deep on those rails. Those rails were my best friend for nearly two weeks before I eventually got the hang of it. My dad skated there as a teenager and he told me stories about how fun it was back then. It’s still fun and I’m glad to see George and Doris Wyatt continuing a tradition in Berea.

It’s the best-kept secret in Berea and the Club Arena hasn’t lost its luster after six decades of service to the community.

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