Keith Taylor Column 2

Newspapers are vital to democracy, especially the local ones.

We are the ones who cover public meetings to keep you informed of the latest when it comes to ordinances, laws, and resolutions that affect your daily lives. We are the ones who make sure we have the information you need to make an informed decision on any issue.

One example is the property tax increase passed by the Madison County Fiscal Court. The local media outlets in Madison County were the first to report on this issue from start to finish because we were at the meetings to record the transactions of our county and city governments.

While many outlets have dropped covering state government, Kentucky Today (Tom Latek) maintains a bureau in Frankfort for the sake of keeping an eye on state government.

Facebook or Twitter wasn’t there to cover it, neither were the so-called “bigger” media outlets in the state. For the record, I do not like labels when it comes to journalism. A bigger paper or bigger this or that doesn’t mean they are better. We all need each other to survive.

Largely because of the internet and the instant iPhone mentality, the method of getting the news to you has changed. In addition to print, we share our news on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. However, the engine that drives the newspaper train is the print version of the newspaper.

There is something about flipping through the pages and reading the latest news and issues. Some of the news is good, some not so good, but the main objective today, yesterday, and tomorrow is to deliver the news to you.

The internet and social media has been a beneficial tool for journalists. Back in the day, the only eyes on your content would be your own little world in print. Now more than ever, our work is being read all over the world, thanks to the information super highway.

That’s a good thing.

Despite the increased readership nationally and globally, it takes money to survive and thrive. Print editions depend on advertising to meet our budget needs in order to keep bringing the news to you. Our internet product depends on a pay wall to remain online. We appreciate those who advertise with us and if you are not, there are thousands of eyes waiting to see what you have to offer.

However, our goal is to bring the news to you and do it fairly, and without bias.

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