Prayer box

The Berea United Methodist Church sits on Chestnut St. across from the Library, and out in front near the sidewalk is a special kind of mailbox. 

It’s called a “Prayer Box” and anyone can write down their troubles, their hopes and dreams, their blessings or mercies needed or received, any concerns that are on their minds or hearts that day, and put it in the prayer box to be prayed for anonymously without the commitment of entering within the walls of a church. 

There are pencils and little sheets of paper available to use on the side of the box. Prior to COVID-19, Hannah Grace, said a small group prayed each Sunday evening, with an open invitation to everyone and anyone to join. But they also wanted an immediate but thoughtful way to reach out to as many people as they could, so someone suggested the “Prayer Box.”

 It became a reality in May of 2018. 

Because of covid, that prayer meeting does not happen. The staff collect the little papers from the mailbox each week to put on the altar and pray for the intentions. 

They send them out anonymously on the email prayer chain to everyone in the congregation. Sometimes there is just one intention, sometimes there is ten; all are prayed for respectfully. 

Knowing that someone else is interested in and cares enough to pray for your intentions is a wonderful comfort and hope during these strange and chaotic times. You don’t even have to be a member or even a Methodist to use it. (Submitted)

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