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January 17, 1023

New construction on the campus


During the spring and summer and continuing into the next 2 years, great changes would be taking place on the Berea College Campus.  Before the 1923 commencement, two new buildings would be in process of construction.  These buildings would be the Women’s Industrial Building, which would stand where the post office and doctor’s office was moved from and the Normal Women’s Dormitory, which will stand opposite the chapel on the other side of the street.  President Hutchins announced that $25,000 more had been pledged for the building.  This would bring the total pledged for the project up to $75,000 leaving a remainder of $15,000 to be raised.  The new Administration Building would perhaps be located near where the flagpole stood to take the place of the barracks near Howard Hall.  Two New York architects, Messrs., Gray and Lawrence, would be on campus to devise plans for the first two buildings with hope that the latter two buildings would be underway shortly after.

January 15, 1948

New Ford trucks being shown here


A new line of Ford trucks was being shown in Berea for the first time at a special display held by Foley Motor Company.  The streamlined models, new from the wheels up, were representative of the first post-war products of Ford according to Mr. C.V. Foley.  He said that the new trucks were notable for an unprecedented range of models and capacities as well as many engineering changes.  Two new series, F-7 and F-8 were the largest trucks ever manufactured by Ford to date.  These models had a maximum gross vehicle weight of 19,000 and 21,000 pounds respectively.  Another new series being displayed was a six-cylinder, cab-over model.  Three new power plants were available for the new trucks, a 95 horsepower, six-cylinder engine, a 100 horsepower V-8 engine and a 145 -horsepower V-8. 

January 18, 1973

Chamber directors plan for new year


Initial planning for 1973 projects was initiated at the January luncheon meeting of the board of directors of the Berea Chamber of Commerce.  Don Hiles, president of the chamber as a whole, presided until Earl Shupe was re-elected chairman of the board.  Projects with highest priority that were considered were the re-establishment of the public information booth for the summer months and continued expansion of the Christmas lighting program.  Mr. Hiles said considerable interest had been expressed in repeating the hospitality classes for local service people and asked Mrs. Harold Shearard to head the project for a second year.  It was decided to turn over the corresponding secretarial duties, handled so capably for years by Mrs. Betty Anglin to Steve Snowden and his assistants at People’s Bank and Trust Company.  Mr. Shupe said that distributions of mail, etc., had become more difficult since most Chamber officers were in business in the east end of town, while Mrs. Anglin did her work on her own time at Parker Seal Company.  The continued problem of there not being a Chamber phone number (other than the summer information booth) was also discussed.  Mr. Hiles suggested that a permanent Chamber listing be inserted int the next phone book connecting with one of the People’s Bank telephones.  Several other matters were addressed which had potential of developing at future meetings of the board and general membership. 

January 15, 1998

Fiscal Court purchases new chairs


The Madison County Fiscal Court voted Tuesday to purchase new chairs for the County courtroom to the tune of more than $4,500.  Madison County Judge Executive Kent Clark said that several boards and commissions use the classroom for meetings, the money would be well spent especially since the Fiscal Court would probably begin holding meetings each month beginning in the spring of 1999.  Clark said that the old-fashioned wooden chairs that were in use at the time, were very uncomfortable, especially when meetings were very long.  The court approved the purchase of nine chairs at just over $500 each. 

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