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Senior citizens were treated to a day of pampering on Tuesday, October 28th at the Berea Senior Citizen’s Center “Spa Day 2003,” featured health assessments such as blood sugar testing, flu vaccinations, makeovers from Mary Kay, therapeutic massages and more. The Madison County Health Department, nursing students from Berea College along with various local vendors combined efforts to make the event a success. In addition o services, participants were also given information on health related issues such as diabetes. Romeatrius Moss (Berea College Senior) and fellow student Kerri Bell organized the event as a part of a class project. Moss said, “We wanted to see this age group get the healthcare information the deserve. We have to take care of our people. Senior Citizens are an underserved population and we should all be giving back to the people who need it.

• After it’s opening in July, the Kentucky Artisans Center is bringing more people into the Folk Arts and Crafts Capital of Kentucky. According to Belle Jackson, director of Berea Tourism, visitors to the city’s Welcome Center in Old Town had shown a 20% increase during the month of September. She noted that this was encouraging but several additional months of data would be needed to show a more convincing positive impact. Artisan Center Director, Victoria Faoro said that the numbers of visitors coming to the Artisans Center have been steadily increasing with any given Saturday experiencing 300 plus visitors.

• Save-A-Lot featured a variety of food items as a part of their “Special Buys” promotion. A few featured items as a part of that promotion included: 11.8 ounce Quaker Oatmeal $1.99/each; a 7.5 ounce bag of Bugles for $1.49; 27 ounce packaged Sara Lee Home-style pies $1.99 each; and a 12 ounce package of Oscar Mayer bologna for 99 cents each. Meat specials included chuck roast for $2.19 a pound and chuck steak for $2.39 a pound.

•It was announced that the appearance of Kingston Elementary would be dramatically different when Madison County Schools Superintendent Glenn Marshall revealed the artist renderings of the new state of the art facility to the public. Modeled after Brodhead Elementary in Rockcastle County, the new facility will have the capacity to house 600 students (an increase of 250 from the current facility). The building, designed by Clotfelter/Samokar, will feature a unique layout, including pods. Each pod will contain 4 classrooms. This design is intended to lead to a quieter school setting. A wet summer lead to some delays but Superintendent Marshall anticipates the new facility will be read for students in time for the opening of school in the fall of 2004.

• On Nov. 7, local resident and author Tom Parrish held a reading from his new book at the Berea branch of the Madison County Public Library. His latest work, entitled “The Grouchy Grammarian,” is a humorous and light look at “common grammatical errors from leading media sources (i..e. from people who should know better).”

The program was free and open to the public.

• During the week of October 2oth, businesses within the City of Berea experienced broken windows and other forms of damage. According to Berea Police, on Monday October 20th, windows at the Glades Road location of McDonalds, Knights Inn and at least one other business on Chestnut Street experienced broken windows and glass. More reports came in on Wednesday from a business on North Broadway as well as vehicles on Chestnut and Ellipse. The vandalism continued on Thursday and Friday with damage at 2 car lots on Richmond Road, the Boys and Girls Club on Prince Royal Drive, the MACED offices on Chestnut Street and another business in Old Town. Berea College also reported several broken windows as well. Lieutenant Ken Clark of the Berea Police Department said all windows were likely broken as a result of shots fired from a slingshot. He also stated that they had a couple of leads and that they were taking these crimes seriously.

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