Berea senior brock 2020

Good evening Pirates, Pirate friends and families, my name is Zachary Brock and I am the secretary for the graduating class of 2020 at BCHS . First let me begin by  thanking  each and every administrator, guardian, and peer tutor that got us to where we are today. You all chose to do something amazing with your time, and that something was to help mold the minds of great students, and we are grateful you pushed us as hard as you have . 

As I stand before you today, I am but a mere fraction of the individuality, confidence, humor, talent and community that makes up the whole of the senior class. I know I speak for all seniors both past and present when I say we all had our days where we felt we would never make it this far. For many of us, graduation has always been the light at the end of our tunnels, and in light of recent events, the long awaited resolution was postponed. It is thanks to the great faculty and staff that you see in this room today that this ceremony was made possible and to all of you on behalf of the senior class, we thank you.  

With that said, college is just around the corner. Now is a time for self-reflection before entering what we all have come to know and love as “the real world.” We reflect on the life lessons taught, friendships mended, and opportunities seized. While high school may officially be over, our journey has just begun. Our moment to say we made it is now, but with graduation soon under our belts I truly believe we will continue to grow and expand our horizons beyond what we all thought ever possible for ourselves. 

While our paths may be taking some of us to different counties or even different states, the one thing that will always tie us together, is the fact that we all are and always will  be Berea Pirates.

Almost all of us have walked through the elementary halls on the last day of school listening to our teachers sing “na na na na, na na na na , hey, hey, hey , goodbye.”

We have had our field day of dodgeball tournaments, and in return our fair share of sun burns. We have had spirit week flare.. I’m looking at you Lucas Hannon. We had Minecraft and Terraria...but... at least we didn’t have Myspace. No, now we have Snapchat to thank for ridiculous stars drawn over our faces while an angsty teenage   song plays in the background. 

We have lived a decade of iconic music, some of which we never even knew the lyrics to. Music, which for better or for worse has led to some pretty embarrassing middle school dances. Christian, you know the one. We have lived through ridiculous fashion trends which I myself am guilty of attempting to pull off. We conquered hair phases, puberty, and yes...even the dreaded first kiss. We can all agree that from transition camp to now… we are all very much different people. I have hair , Alex, you finally got taller…and we have discovered who we are for this chapter of our lives.

We have all witnessed each other’s highs and each other’s lows. We have laughed with one another, we have cried with one another, and we have celebrated with one another. From the many times we lounged in Eef’s office, crashed in the digital learning center… or took a nap in the theatre. We all have had an unforgettable experience at Berea Community High School. 

Regardless of your experiences, whatever they may be, they have molded you into the person you are today. 

So I challenge you graduates, just as Eef Fontanez did at Freshman orientation, look to your left, and to your right, and think about your favorite memory of the peers sitting next to you. It may be two weeks, two years, or even twenty years before you see each other again, but we have formed a bond that will last a lifetime. 

Our experience behind the walls of BCS may have ended in a blink, but we were Pirates yesterday, Pirates today, and Pirates forever.

Thank you.

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