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Berea city leaders are urging residents to support local businesses this shopping season beginning this weekend with Small Business Saturday. Saturday’s event is part of a national initiative that recognizes the importance of small businesses in the health of America’s economy. 

At a meeting of the Berea City Council recently, Councilman Jim Davis continued to urge support of local businesses. In the past, Davis has urged residents to support local businesses during the reconstruction of U.S. 25 N. and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Davis urged the same last week, noting that money spent in Berea in local businesses is money that stays in the community.

“I’d like to remind everyone to shop small, and shop locally this Christmas season, because money spent during this time of the year is what makes or breaks a lot of our local businesses. So once again, shop local and shop small,” Davis said.  

Councilman David Rowlette reminded residents that not all business owners have store fronts, and that those with online businesses need support, too. “Of course we want to support our local businesses. But keep in mind that not all of these businesses have storefronts. Many of them have online businesses that are very successful but they kind of fly under the radar. Seek some of them out for your holiday gifts and things,” Rowlette said, suggesting Berea merchants as an alternative to large online retailers.

The discussion about local businesses was sparked by a proclamation introduced by Mayor Bruce Fraley, noting the this Saturday is typically recognized as Small Business Saturday.

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