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Michael Dandaneau, an RN at Baptist Health in Richmond, received the first dose of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine recently on the first day available for frontline workers at the facility. A total of 10 doses were administered on the first day last month.

“Today is not only a historical day in the fight against COVID-19 but a day filled with hope.” 

The vaccination protocols established by the CDC are as follows: 

Phase 1a

Healthcare personnel and residents of long-term care facilities.  

Phase 1b

Frontline essential workers such as firefighters, police officers, corrections officers, food and agricultural workers, United States Postal Service workers, manufacturing workers, grocery store workers, public transit workers, and those who work in the educational sector (teachers, support staff and daycare workers). It also includes people 75 years of age and older.

Phase 1c

Three subgroups: people 65-74 years of age; people aged 16-64 with underlying medical conditions that increase the risk of serious complications from the virus; other essential workers including people who work in transportation and logistics, food service, housing construction and finance, information technology, communications, energy, law, media, public safety, and public health. 

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