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tudents across Madison County take a deep breath this week and appreciate a little time off from school. Spring break is here! As a teacher myself, I can confidently say that these kids deserve this break. 

The pandemic has come with its own set of challenges specific to our students, and they have adapted in many ways and learned so many new skills concerning technology. There are elementary school students who can honestly say that they are proficient in Zoom and Google Meets/Classroom; middle school students who can say they can create a collaborative document and work with peers in distance learning situations; and high school students who can say they have successfully held a job and managed their learning schedule during a global pandemic. 

It is amazing what children and teenagers can learn and find ways to adapt to their surroundings and circumstances. Often, kids and teens are not given enough credit in challenging situations for being able to manage themselves, but I think our kids have done an excellent job in the past year.

Adults have struggled through the pandemic, but don’t forget that our kids have too. Be sure to give them some extra leniency this week on their time with friends, and make sure they soak in some of the great outdoors. All of us deserve the regrowth of Spring and the promise of Summer.   

As spring break took off this weekend, I have seen lots of families fishing, cooking outdoors, and breaking out the ATVs. With warmer temperatures coming through the first half of the week, I can only imagine what Jigg Water will look like over the coming days and weekends. To say that is exciting is an understatement. 

The pandemic has taken away many things, but the joy of being near water, playing in the mud, and being around friends has never dissipated. 


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