I heard a chicken farmer talking the other day about all his great laying hens. Some laid those white eggs like you buy in the grocery store. Some laid those delicious brown eggs. He said he even had one that laid different colored eggs.

“All I had to do was wave a cloth in front of that chicken, and she’d lay an egg the color of that cloth,” the chicken farmer bragged. “It worked well until someone waved an American flag in front of that hen. She committed suicide.”

I suppose it would be a difficult thing for a chicken to lay a red, white and blue striped eggs with 50 little stars intermingled.

Perhaps you’ve felt at times that you’ve faced responsibilities beyond your capability, and you really didn’t know where to begin. What I’ve learned to do at a time like that is to humble my heart and pray for the Lord to enable me. I expect you do the same thing.

One of my favorite Bible verses tells us that our God “is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us” (Ephesians 3:20).

Another of my favorites, Philippians 4:3, tells us, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

I can’t begin to tell you how many times over the years those verses and other similar ones have given me the encouragement I needed to press forward, even when I felt like I was treading waters way over my head. And I can tell you, the Lord came through every single time.

I have talked with Christian mechanics who tell me that, when they come to a puzzling problem with an engine or accessory that they just can’t figure out, they simply ask the Lord to help them, and, just like that, the answer comes to them. Those mechanics testify that our Lord is the Master mechanic.

I’ve talked to Christian journalists who, facing writer’s block and sitting there with no idea what the next line ought to be, bow their heads and ask for the Lord’s help. Those journalists testify that the Lord is the greatest of all writers.

No matter your vocation, the Lord is right there on the job with you, just waiting for you to ask for his help when you have no idea what to do next. If you’ll ask, He’ll show you.

I don’t want to overpromise what the Lord will do for you on the job. Sometimes that has to do with how closely we’re walking with him. But I feel sure he loves for us to ask for his help when we get stuck or when things just aren’t going so well.

I’ve been amazed time and again by what he has done for me. I’ve learned to rely entirely upon him.

You’ll likely face times in your life when you’re facing puzzling circumstances at work – so puzzling, perhaps, that you feel like that chicken who thought she needed to produce an egg in the colors of an American flag. In those times, I challenge you to call on the Lord and see if he doesn’t come through for you.


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