Roger Alford

When you go to visit Grandma, don’t go empty handed

A man was planning to visit his grandmother in her new apartment, so he called her to get directions, which she gladly provided.

“Now, remember, when you come through the front door of the apartment building, you’ll see an elevator. With your elbow, push the button for the third floor. When you get out of the elevator, look for apartment number 35. With your elbow, press the doorbell.”

“That all sounds very easy, Grandma,” the grandson said, “but why am I pressing all these buttons with my elbow?”

“You’re not coming empty handed, are you?”

That old story certainly turns the tables on grandchildren. Grandparents give and give and give and usually ask nothing in return. They enjoy supplying the wants and needs of their grandchildren.

You know, the Lord is like that, too.

The psalmist tells us that all people and all creatures turn their eyes upon the Lord because he meets their needs.

“Thou openest thine hand and satisfies the desire of every living thing” (Psalm 145:16).

Perhaps there have been times in your life when you didn’t know how you were going to be able to pay the bills, buy medicine or purchase food. Then, unexpectedly, you put your hand into the pocket of a coat your grandmother had given you last year and you felt something in there. You pull it out, and you now have in your hand enough money to meet the need.

You could wrongly conclude that you were just lucky, or you could turn your eyes upon the Lord and thank Him for meeting your needs.

Perhaps there have been times when the monthly bills took every penny you had, and now you can’t even afford to fill your car with gas to get to work. Just then, Grandma sends an early birthday card with enough money in it to see you through.

You could say it was a lucky thing that the card came early, or you could turn your eyes upon the Lord and thank Him for meeting your needs.

Grandparents tend to be fantastic safety nets. The fact is they are the Lord’s greatest helpers. So, when grandparents do something amazing for you, turn your eyes upon the Lord and thank him for meeting your needs, and for giving you such great grandparents.


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