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During this COVID -19 crisis, local community newspapers all across Kentucky, are providing essential information to towns and cities in new ways, big and small.   Many newspapers, like this one, quickly removed their digital pay walls on stories about COVID-19 and its effects. We are making this essential information free so it can reach as many citizens in our communities as possible, and you can see it updated online every day. 


Your local newspaper is taking actions to keep your community informed on everything from the latest news about the virus itself to the importance of social distancing.  We’re providing resources and connecting citizens in our communities. We tell who is impacted by this and how. We explain the unprecedented steps being taken to stop the spread of the virus.  


Newspapers are stepping up for our communities even as we’re directly affected, too. Our staffs are working very long hours. Many of our advertisers must shut their doors, at least for now. Our families, like yours, are at risk.


When the Governor ordered many businesses to close, it became our responsibility, as your “essential” local news source, to provide information on what would remain open, what restaurants offered curbside service, and importantly, medical information from local healthcare providers.


Newsrooms from Nolan Group Media Newspapers in Bell, Breathitt, Clay, Knox, Jackson, Lee, Madison, and Owsley counties are working diligently to spread the word on local resources for community members who may be dealing with sudden unemployment, health crises, or childcare needs.  This is news vital to you during this critical time that you’d be unable to have if it wasn’t for your community newspaper.


All of these newspapers have small staffs. Yet they’re working around the clock to knock down rumors and to report, check and distribute verified, accurate information to help our communities in a time of need like none we’ve seen before. 


As we do this essential work for you, we ask for your help. If you have a news item, call us! Also please consider subscribing, support our advertisers, and if your business is blessed to be operating, perhaps help us help others by advertising. Thank you for your trust, and your support. 


Now more than ever, remember your newspaper is here to help you, when you need us most. You are not alone. We are there with you. 

Support Local Journalism

We’ve been there for you, now we’re asking that you be there for us. While we will continue to share COVID-19 and urgent health news for free, we will be requiring a subscription for most of our news and sports content. Please click on SUBSCRIBE or call your local newspaper office.

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