Jeffery Shane Terry

The Owsley County Sheriff’s Dept received a theft complaint on Chestnut Gap Road on July 3rd. 

     When Sheriff Lynch and Constable Matthew Sizemore arrived at the residence, the resident informed them that the side doors of his home had been pried open for someone to gain entry. He stated that some items were missing, including a weed eater, small engine, jewelry, a shotgun, as well as several other items. 

     Sheriff Lynch and Constable Sizemore began investigating the area in search of a suspect, Jeffery Terry, that was attempting to sell the very items that had been stolen. 

     When they arrived at Terry’s residence, they found the small engine and weed eater sitting outside. 

     The items were identified as those stolen and the Sheriff and Constable went in search of the suspect, Jeffery Terry, who was hiding in his attic.

     Sheriff Lynch and Constable Sizemore arrested Terry after he fell through the ceiling. He was transported to Three Forks Regional Jail in Lee County.

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