Owsley County Archery

The Owsley County Board of Education met in regular session on Tuesday, March 10, 2020.  The meeting was called to order by Joyce Campbell, Chairperson.  A motion was made and carried to amend the agenda to include the school calendar.  A motion was also made and carried to approve the minutes from the February meeting.  

     Several of the Archery students were in attendance.  They told the board about their state tournament that was coming up.  Their coach, Mr. Rodrick Bingham, talked about his team and how hard they have worked this year.  He stated that the team is respectful to the people that they meet at other places.  They are a very hard working group of kids.  They are in 6th grade through 12th grade.  The state tournament was scheduled for Friday, March 

13th in Louisville.  Mr. Bingham is also the instructor for the Trap Shooting Team that is getting started.  It has been done the last two years through the Sportsman's Club.  “We took 5 boys to the shoot last year and all but one of the parents went with us.”  Mr. Bingham stated that Owsley County is the only Eastern Kentucky school represented.  He stated that he is trying to get this in other schools.

     Mr. Taylor had Abby Oliver and Ryan Ratliff present to talk about FFA and some of the things that they are doing this year.  They talked about the school farm.  They are working on a Small Animal Project, the Community Garden Project and the Elementary Ag Awareness Project.  The FFA will be bringing goats in to take care of as part of the Small Animal Project.  The FFA will be harvesting a goat for their banquet to be held on April 27th.  The 4th grade students will be able to come the high school again this year to help with raising a garden.  They will get to work in the greenhouse.  Last year, the stuff that they raised, they got to use at a dinner      for their awards celebration to show off all the stuff that they raised and to recognize them for all their hard work.  This gives them an idea of something to look forward to in high school.  The Community Garden Project has a couple of people come in and work in the gardens.  We have a few spots that people in the community can come in and grow a garden.  This is offered because of a grant that the FFA got through KVEC.  The students help with these gardens.  Both Abby and Ryan stated that they are both going to be working in the gardens this summer.  Mr. Taylor stated that if people have stuff in their gardens that they don't need, they can sell it at the farmer's market.  He went on to say that this year, if people out in the community have a garden that they can not take care of, they can call and he can help them by letting some FFA students go help with the gardens.  Mr. Taylor also stated that the Secretary of Agriculture will be at the April 27th FFA Banquet.

     Some parents of 4th grade students were present at the meeting.  They were voicing their concerns because they feel that their children are not getting the instruction they need because of the disruptions in class.  They stated that Ms. Havicus has started implementing changes.  The parents are asking for some more assistance for this group of kids.  The parents asked for another teacher that would follow this class on to next year.  The parents stated that they feel their kids are falling behind.  The parents stated that they think that another teacher would allow students to get more one on one instruction, get to ask more questions and be more involved.  The parents stated that this is not a reflection on the teachers in any way.  They stated that this has gotten worse this school year.  Some of the kids are becoming more and more disruptive.  Ms. Havicus stated that they now have three homerooms for the 4th grade.  The kids are being divided into two groups: boys and girls.  The parents stated that the stress level of their kids is down since this has happened.  

     The board decided to set Tuesday, April 28th at 5 pm for a special session and a working session with the board and both SBDM Councils.  The financial report was given by Jerry McIntosh.  A motion was made and carried to approve the report.  Another motion was made and carried to approve the Superintendent's travel for February and March 2020.  The talk then turned to the school calendar.  The last day for kids will be in mid-May right now.  If we miss more school, that will change.  We will have more details later because of all that is going on.    The Flex PD day that was scheduled fro March 20th has been moved to April 6th.  A motion was made and carried to approve several changes to policies and procedures.  A motion was also made and carried to approve fundraising for the elementary school and high school, for overnight/out-of-state trips and Facility use requests.  Dr. Bobrowski gave a report about personnel that are being employed.  These were positions as substitutes, EHS/HS, custodian and Trap Shooting Coach.  The board also approved the purchase of new playground equipment for the elementary school, foundation repairs and removal and replacement of the fence.  A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting.

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