Sky Byrd

Booneville resident Sky Byrd (right) has, for the fourth year in a row, been named a Kentucky Youth Storytelling Torchbearer by the Kentucky Storytelling Association (KSA). She is the 11-year-old daughter of Shane Byrd and the granddaughter of Robert Creech and Carolyn Turner. Sky will be a fifth grader this year at Owsley County Elementary School. 

           For her entry, she told “Becky Blaine”, a tale by Octavia Sexton.  Sky choose the story because of the “good moral of the tale”.  It’s about a rude and selfish girl who "doesn’t care one bit”, who she hurts, or what people think of her.  In the end, the character is punished as a result of her own actions.

           Octavia has been Sky’s mentor ever since they met when Sky was just eight years old. A professional storyteller, Octavia had come to teach storytelling at Sky’s school, and it was there that the young girl found her love of story. Sky says. “I guess I was really lucky to have her as a teacher’. 

           When asked what she likes best about storytelling, Sky replied, “You get to learn so many different things from other storytellers and meet so many great people.  I love to watch people when they’re listening to my stories.

             Looking toward the future, Sky says she has begun experimenting with writing her own stories and hopes to be a writer one day.  We hope so too Sky; keep up the good work!

The Kentucky Youth Storytelling Showcase is a program of the Kentucky Storytelling Association, a non-profit whose mission it is to develop ongoing support and appreciation for the art of storytelling throughout the Commonwealth. Learn more about KSA and entering the youth competition at .

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