Canning Woman

 There is a time once a year to bring in the harvest that we hold so dear. From tomatoes that are home grown, to green beans that have grown so long. There is a time to sow, a time to reap, and a time to pluck up what was sown. Nobody knows this better than Jeanette Banks, off of War Creek she is a canning woman. If it can be canned she will get it done, often enough she will surprise everyone by the way it is done.

     I always think it is a special time of year, to see the gardens being plowed up in the spring. It is times to sow; tractors are sitting in the shade when the work is done, along with their owners. Not too many people plowing like they did in the old days, with a pair of mules and a plow. Though the canning is still done the old way, worked up and preserved by the womenfolk of course. I have seen a few men help break beans, but the canning falls to the women. Each generation passing on to the next, the secrets to the old ways.

     My favorite is corn on the cob, with just enough butter. Jeanette freezes most of her corn, though it can be canned. I see apples on a tree; she sees a chance to freeze some, for a pie later or homemade apple butter. It is pretty nice to sit down in the winter, and pull out a jar of can food fruits of the labor. Some people even can sausage, from their hogs. It is a shame really the food that we waist, when they are so many starving. 

     Jeanette uses a pressure cooker, like most modern women of today. Though the older generation used a wash tub, it was all they had. There is actually a lot more to canning then you might think, from keeping the right amount of water and salt. You can also bust your jars if they boil to long. I think the county Extension office, teaches about canning once a year. Or you can ask some of the older generation, you might be surprised by what they know. For all your canning tips, please call Jeanette at 666-8722.

                                         God Bless, JHC.

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