Judge Cale Turner

Judge Cale Turner addressing the Fiscal Court as he told about how Harlan County has transported people back and forth to the London/Corbin area to work for years.


The regular monthly meeting of the Owsley County Fiscal Court was called to order by County Judge Executive Cale Turner.  He asked for a motion to suspend the minutes til next month. A motion was made and carried to suspend the minutes. The county treasurer had to take her son to the doctor, so Judge Turner  gave the treasurer's report. The General Fund has a cash balance of $80,323.19, the Road Fund has a cash balance of $27,705.77, the Jail Fund has a cash balance of $1,465.29, the L.G.E.A. Fund has a cash balance of $12,666.46, the Solid Waste Fund has a cash balance of $25,133.97, the Parks & Recreation Fund has a cash balance of $2,422.05 and the LGEDF Fund has a cash balance of $897.16.  A motion was made and carried to acknowledge the receiving of the treasurer's report.

     Judge Turner stated that this is the third year that the Class of '66 has given a scholarship (in honor of the three young men that paid the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam – Gary Evans, Ronnie McIntosh and Ralph Peters) to an Owsley County High School Senior.  Chloe Cornwell was the winner this year.  

     Teleworks is still going strong.  They are helping everyone that they can to get jobs.  They have three companies that are hiring regularly. Discussion turned to the London and Corbin areas needing more workers.  Harlan County has been transporting workers to London/Corbin for years. The companies are providing a bus to be brought to the park and ride here in Booneville.  You will be transported to the London/Corbin area to work and back to the park and ride here in Booneville. If you are interested, call the County Judge's office and get your name on the list.

     Cassie Hudson is in need of names of people that are needing their homes renovated.  They have the funds but need the homes or trailers that are in need of being renovated.  If you know of someone that could benefit from this, please let Cassie know.

     The 2020 Census is not looking good for small towns.  Ten years ago, we could print the application off and get people to fill them out.  They are not mailing them to the post office boxes this time. According to Judge Turner, if they do not have another way of getting mail, then they can go online and do the census.  This will hurt small towns because people that do not have internet, computers or another way of getting their mail will not be counted in this census. This affects funding that we receive.  It is based on the census. We need to be counted. Last time we filled out the applications for people and we were still undercounted. We can't get the forms this time.

     Judge Turner stated that the Daniel Boone Days was much better at their new location this year.  They are going to be working on the amphitheater soon. Parents could let their children to go free without having to worry about them being hit by a vehicle.  There was probably more parents there as well. If you see any of the members of the committee, tell them “Good job.”

     Judge Turner said that we are going to have to get a committee together and stop the illegal use of the solid waste.  People are not paying their bills and putting their trash in other people's bins. This needs to stop because it is illegal.  If you don't have service, you need to get service.  

     FEMA is trying to get to all the sites that need to be fixed due to weather damage.  There are several sites that he is looking at. The state has raised their procurement to $30,000.  We can change our Administrative Code to include this. We had been doing $20,000. A motion was made and carried to change our procurement to $30,000 to match the state.  A motion was also made and carried to advertise for bids on gravel, pipes and asphalt. The auditors are saying that if we are going to continue selling gravels, we are going to have to start charging sales tax.  This will raise the price of the gravels from $17 to $18. A motion was made and carried to adjust the price. The county will have to send a revenue check to the state for the sales tax. A motion was also made and carried to advertise for the purchase of a drill.

     The air conditioning on the first floor of the court house was fixed and then went back out after storms hit again.  Breathitt Mechanical checked the unit. Between KACO and the weather service determined that lightening had hit around the court house four times in the time frame that the unit quit working.  The insurance company, KACO, has agreed to pay for another unit. They have sent us $21,000. After we finish paying for it, they will reimburse us another $11,000 and it will cost the county $500 for the new unit.  

     The road foreman gave his report and told of the many things that the road department has been doing.  They are doing a lot of grading, bush-hogging, and ditch cleaning. They have been mowing as well.  

     There was a motion to do transfers as needed within the budget.  A motion was also made and carried to pay all legally incurred bills.  A motion was also made and carried to acknowledge receiving a copy of the sheriff's quarterly report.  A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting.


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