Chris Dooley

I can see it in my mind crystal clear.  It was a cool overcast evening in the fall of 2007.  My excitement was reaching its peak as I pulled up to the movie theatre in London, KY.  Even for a Friday night, it was exceptionally busy.  There were loads of people standing in line waiting to get tickets.  I thought to myself that I might have waited too late and wouldn’t get a seat to the movie I’d been wanting to see for months.  When I reached the front where you order your ticket, I asked the lady behind the glass what good seats were left to see ‘Dragon Wars’ and without hesitation she told me pretty much every seat in the theatre.  It turns out that all of those people who were in line came to see something else.  So I grabbed my big 32 oz. Soda and my tub of nachos and scurried down the hallway to the last door on the left and slid inside.  As I came around the walkway to the seats, I expected a few people to be sitting there.  But the lady at the front window was right, there was nobody in there at all but me.  I walked all the way up to the back row and sat down.  I thought maybe it was a late arriving crowd but checked my watch and it was 2 minutes until showtime.  I was flying solo on this one.

While the movie was on, I had an absolute blast watching it.  It’s a thrill to watch an action movie about fire breathing dragons battling on earth for supremacy while people try to save what’s left of the world from doom.  I loved the cheesy effects and the kind of horrible acting.  The cheese on the screen was almost as excessive as the cheese on the nachos that sat in my lap.  When the movie was over, I said to myself “Man, that was awesome” as I walked back outside to my car.  About the same time that my movie let out, there was a huge group of people that came out of the movie across the hall from me.  They seemed like they were all sad and depressed, but me? My inner geek was bursting out of every part of my body.  

On the drive home I started to realize that I wasn’t wired like everyone else.  That’s the genesis of this article, how much I love cheese.  Now, I’m not just talking about cheese in real life, but cheese in entertainment as well.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved stuff that most would deem “cheesy.”  I can remember being a little boy and watching the 1930’s version of King Kong.  Most people laugh at the ancient effects and acting, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever to see a giant monkey swatting at airplanes on the top of skyscrapers.  That love for things considered cheesy continued throughout my whole life.  I love watching these sci-fi channel movies about huge snakes, dinosaurs, bugs or whatever creature they pick this time.  Let’s not forget to mention the absolute adoration that I have for the Sharknado movie series.  I’ve seen all the films in the series multiple times and can just about quote you a couple of them.  They were everything right about a night at the movies to me.  The humor, the crazy effects, the tongue in cheek acting were all top notch.  Where else in the world could you see a former cast member of 90210 jump into a flying sharks mouth with a chainsaw, escaping death while sawing his way back out of it’s body? It’s crazy right? EXACTLY.  That’s why I love it.  

Most of the movies today are predictable.  They have the same worn out storylines with endings you can see coming a mile away.  Worse yet, remakes of old movies are being done too much because Hollywood has ran out of original ideas.  I’m all for a good sequel if it’s fun and has something entertaining to say, but good sequels are hard to find.  I like out of the box movies even if its about sharks inside of a tornado that threaten to take over the world.  

I guess you can just chalk it up to me being a different kind of guy.  I like a lot of things most people just disregard.  I find treasure in things other people toss out as junk.  I don’t just accept things for the way they are, I try to dig beyond the surface and find new exciting things.  If that makes me a geek, I’ll gladly accept it because I’ve been called a lot worse.  There’s nothing more exciting to me than sitting down with a good snack and taking in a good creature feature.  Bring on the cheese Hollywood, I’m ready!


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