It is Quail Hunting Season in Kentucky

There is still time to get in some quality QUAIL HUNTING. The Eastern Zone’s season runs to January 31st and the Western Zone goes to February 10th.  

Quail are skillful flyers and will offer only quick shots.

Below are the legal small game hunting equipment and methods that hunters can use:

• A rimfire gun or rimfire handgun

• .410 gauge handgun

• Shotguns no larger than

  10-gauge. Breech-loading shotguns must be plugged to

   hold a maximum of three shells (two in magazine and

   one in chamber)

• Lead or non-toxic shot no larger than No. 2

• Muzzle-loading gun

• Archery or crossbow equipment

• Pellets fired from .177, .20, .22 or .25 caliber air guns

• Falconry

• Slingshots with manufactured hunting ammunition

• Dogs may be used to aid in the hunt

The daily limit is 8 and possession limit is 16. 

To learn more about Bobwhite quail in Kentucky, follow this link:


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