May 2019 Booneville City Council Meeting

     The Booneville City Commissioners met in regular session on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.  All members were present, including Mayor Long – who spent 12 days in the hospital since the last meeting.  He thanked everyone for their continued prayers and support. He stated that he is still not able to walk but he is doing good.  He is taking therapy at the Owsley County Health and Rehabilitation Center. He called the meeting to order. A motion was made and carried to approve the minutes of the April 10, 2019 and April 15, 2019 meetings.  

    David Hall gave his water and sewage report.  He stated that he had a very productive meeting with the gentleman from Rural Water.   The Rural Water man will be back on a regular basis to check for water leaks. They found a very significant leak and it has since been fixed.  He also had someone to come and pull the bad pump at the water plant. It was taken apart and checked to see what all was wrong with it and how much it will cost to repair. David also said that someone has stolen the solar panel from Bunkham.  They did not take the more expensive part (the controller). They got the solar panel and batteries. This makes two times that this has happened in the same location. It is an inconvenience for us. The Mayor thanked David for a doing good job.

    Paul Nesbitt stated that David had been in contact with Microcom and they will be here next week to check and reprogram some of the electronics that need to be reprogramed for the water tanks.  We will also be having a progress report meeting next week. It should be our last meeting on this project or next to last. Paul said that the bid date for the Highway 30 project is still set for 2019.  We have worked on the old set of plans for the Highway11 project. We now have new plans that we have not worked on yet but we are getting ready to do that. A motion was made and carried to approve that the Highway Department can release funds to the City and the City will then pay Nesbitt Engineering for work done on the old plans of the Highway 11 project.  Paul stated that the bids had come in on the Sidewalk Project. We are still planning on the sidewalk being done by the time school begins in August. The City Commissioners voted to allow the Mayor to enter into agreements and sign necessary papers for the sidewalk project. He also stated that the City should be taking bids in late May to early June for the Booneville Water Line Replacement project.  Paul said that we are updating the I/I project as well. Paul is using the evidence of things that David found and we are using the video that he made of the water that was being leaked into the sewer and this should help with our I/I rating.

    A motion was made and carried to approve the collections report.  Donna Hardin reminded the commissioners that they have until the last of May to get their applications in to COPS again.  Booneville did not receive any money last year from COPS, but we are applying again this year. Johnny Logsdon stated that everything was going smooth with the police department.  Don gave the financial report. He gave a brief preview of the upcoming budget. A motion was made and carried to approve the financial report. A motion was made and carried to pay the bills.

    A rate increase, tax rates for next year and the new nuisance order are going to be things that the commissioners need to talk about at the next meeting.  Farmers State Bank has stated that they are going to put banners up in Booneville. A discussion of what the city wants to do about getting some more banners and what to put on the banners ensued.  The commissioners talked about using an owl or Daniel Boone and the Mayor suggested a religious flag. The commissioners decided to wait and see what the Strategic Planning Committee decides about trying to rebrand the county.  The city clerk will be attending the Clerk's Institute in July. A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting.


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