Wednesday, March 13, 2019 saw a new face at the City Commissioner's meeting and a familiar face missing.  Tammy Shouse started the meeting by advising that Mayor Charles Long had taken a fall and is recovering in the Veteran's Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.  He is expected to be released from the hospital on Thursday, March 14th and taken to the OC Health Care and Rehabilitation Center for a couple of weeks for therapy on his knees.  He is hoping to be home in a couple of weeks.

      Since Mayor Long had not appointed a Mayor Pro-Tem at the last meeting, the city commissioners asked the attorney present, Todd Osterloh, what was his experience with this.  He stated that it is basically up to the commissioners but, in his experience, it is usually the commissioner that received the most votes in the last election. With that being said, the motion was made and carried to appoint Nelson Bobrowski as Mayor Pro-Tem.  The city commissioners and Mayor Pro-Tem welcomed Mr. Michael Paul Harvey to fill out the remainder of the late James Phillip Chadwell, who passed away a couple of weeks ago.

    Mayor Pro-Tem wasted no time getting the meeting started.  A motion was made and carried to approve the minutes of the February meeting.  David Hall gave his water report. He has been chasing water leaks for most of the month.  Water tanks will be switched over on Thursday, March 14, 2019. He also talked about the water pump that needs to be pulled and fixed.  Paul Nesbitt is trying to help David find another company to help with the pulling of the pump and fixing it when they get it out. The last time this happened, it was very expensive.  The crane has to reach 50 feet and the pump is 40 feet long. David stated that he is trying to get Rural Water to get their specialist up here on a quarterly basis. We have more flow meters installed on these tanks so that we can monitor the water usage better and to help find leaks.  We are also installing more flow meters on the new waterline project. We want to include the Sag Hollow waterline in FEMA. It would be better if we can move the waterline. FEMA says they have to put it back exactly where it is and we may have to negotiate with them to get it moved. A motion was made and carried to approve David's report.

    Mr. Paul Nesbitt stated that the city needs to start working on a project profile.  The city usually does one every 10 years. It has been a little over that since Booneville did their last one.  He went on to say that the ARC tank project is almost done. The tanks are being switched over on Thursday, March 14th and close-out should be finished by the end of the month.  A motion was made and carried to approve funds to closeout the tank project.  Highway 30 should be bid around the beginning of August 2019. As for Highway 11, we are working on the engineering plans now.  A motion was made and carried to continue working on the project. The “Infamous Sidewalk” project has been approved for bids. Bids should be here by next meeting.  The sidewalk would be built during the summer while the schools are out of session. The state is processing the requests for the repairs that the city did to Highway 30.  We should hear something soon. Mr. Nesbitt stated that they hope to be bidding the project very soon. He also stated that Kentucky Department of Transportation has asked engineers and cities to go online for their utilities relocation to a program called KURTS (Ky. Utility & Railroad Tracking System).  This allows us to post our plans on their website. There has to be a resolution passed to allow us (Nesbitt Engineers) to access that. Tammy Shouse will also have access to this website for the city. A motion was made and carried to pass the resolution giving Nesbitt Engineering the go ahead to start an account for Booneville at KURTS.  

    Ruth Hensley gave the CBWS monthly collections report and a motion was made and carried to approve the report.  Johnny Logsdon stated that he has been busy with Gary Cornett. They have been doing a lot of home visits. They did 54 home visits last month and 78 this month and doing more this week. He stated that it has been a good month.  Don Hughes mentioned marking a handicap parking spot for Mayor Long. He stated that Mayor Long is on a walker and should be able to have a place where he can access the building easier.

    Mr. Todd Osterloh gave the first reading of the new ordinance of the new policies and procedures for the Booneville City Water & Sewage Department.  He went over the policies as discussed last month and asked if anyone had questions. The commissioners agreed to taking the new policies & procedures home and reading them since they were so long.  There will be more discussion and the second reading of the ordinance at the next meeting. Mr. Osterloh gave his report on the Zoning & Planning Outline. He explained some of the steps to getting this going forward.  He stated that it would be good for the city and county to work together on this. If the county does not join the city, then this still allows the city to do this work within a five mile radius of the city limits.

    Donna Hardin mentioned that KRADD is looking for people to help with the senior citizen feeding program.  She stated that it costs around $148 to feed a senior 22 meals per month. That is about $6.73 per meal. There was a motion made and carried to approve sponsoring a senior for a year at the cost of $1,800.  

    Don gave the financial report.  A motion was made and carried to approve the financial report.  A motion was also made and carried to pay the bills.

    There was a discussion about people parking in front of the Booneville Owsley County Fire Department.  They discussed getting the red striping in front of the fire department. The city commissioners talked about trying to stripe the streets of Booneville.  The discussion ensued about getting an estimate or seeing how to get the city streets striped. There is “No Parking” signs posted in the front of the Fire Department.

    Tammy then talked about having their Easter Egg Hunt at the Riverside Show Grounds at 4 pm on April 18, 2019.  The City is partnering with Farmers State Bank. Tammy was asking for permission to reach out to the community to help sponsor this event.  The workers at Farmers State Bank employees are filling the 4,000 eggs with candy. Pictures with the Easter Bunny starts at 4 and the hunt actually starts at 5:30 pm.  Last year we had to postpone because of weather, so we play it by ear.

    Tammy also talked about the committee for Daniel Boone Days.  They asked that the city make the same contribution as we did last year.  Last year we donated $1,000. A motion was made and carried to donate the same as last year, $1,000.  

    A motion was made and carried to go into executive session.

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