New Booneville City Police Officer

Tara Chadwell Roberts

The City of Booneville Commissioners met in regular session on Wednesday, February 12, 2019.  Mayor Nelson Bobrowski called the meeting to order. A motion was made and carried to approve the minutes from the last meeting.  Brian Skinner, with Ross Sinclair & Associates, was present to talk to the council about bond refinancing. He explained that Ross Sinclair & Associates is the financial advisers for the Ky. League of Cities.  He explained that the bonds the city has with the USDA is what his company is looking at. They are looking at getting the payments lowered. They award these bonds to bigger companies and get a lower payment for the cities.  This will help with saving the city money. It will shorten the amount of time that the city pays and makes the payment time shorter. He stated that the city would see a difference in the beginning and at the end. A motion was made and carried to pass a resolution to join the inter-local agreement with the other cities, counties and water districts that have used the League of Cities Water Program.  When this is passed an inter-local agreement is filed with the county clerk. The other resolution is a resolution approving the lease with the Ky. Bond Corporation. A motion was made and carried approve both resolutions.   

     Lisa Botner, an Owsley County native, has been hired as the new tourism director.  She has been on the job for about 3 weeks. She stated that she has lived here her whole live and did not realize that there was so much of this county that she was not aware existed.  She is attending meetings and getting to know what surrounding tourism directors are doing. She is looking at what grants are available and what has to be done to get each one. She is wanting to look at getting things scheduled for Owsley County and the City of Booneville.  A motion was made and carried to begin planning for the Easter Egg Hunt.

     David Hall gave his monthly report.  He stated that the road to the water pumping station is breaking off worse than it was.  He is not sure what the city will do if the road continues to go and something happens to one of the pumps.  David stated that a new road is the only alternative because it is so bad. The mayor has sent in paperwork to get funding to help get the road fixed.  He stated that everything else is going good.  

     Paul Nesbitt informed the council that Ken is retiring at the end of February.  He has worked with Nesbitt Engineering for 20 years. The council wished him well.  Paul gave his monthly updates on the projects that they have been working on. Hwy. 30 should have all the lines moved in a week or so depending on weather.  Hwy. 11 project is moving along. There was discussion about how Hwy. 30 and 11 are going to join. The council does not want to keep it as a T intersection. Paul said he would get answers as to how that was gonna work.  The contractor doing the sidewalk project says that he will get it done. He has until the end of March to get it done. Paul stated that the Waterline Replacement Project is 91% complete. He said that the project should be finished except for repaving by next month.  The I/I Project is going good. He stated that the city may have to do a second phase to this project. The Radio Read Project is going forward. We are asking for 100% funding and we hope that this will continue for us. Paul stated that the city needs to figure out new projects that we need to have done.  The city also needs to get applications in for these new projects so that we can get the funding we need. 

     The collections report was given by Ruth Hensley.  A motion was made and carried to approve the financial report.  Mayor Bobrowski thanked the girls that work hard in the water office.  City Police Chief Johnny Logsdon gave his report. He talked about the new officer, Tara Chadwell Roberts, and stated that she will be going to law enforcement academy as soon as July.  He stated that he and Tara had been covering warrants, traffic, transports and citations. He also stated that they will be getting Tara qualified on her duty weapon soon with Cap Deaton.  He is a Concealed Carry Instructor. Tara has finished Phase 1 and Phase 2 training. Tara will be making her presence known by being at ballgames and other events when she is not at training.  

     The city audit for 2019 has been finished and the city did good.  A motion was made and carried to approve the audit. Mayor Bobrowski informed the city council that finance officer, Don Hughes, is in the ICU at Hazard ARH.  His wife was involved in a wreck on Tuesday, February 12th.  He asked that everyone keep the family in their thoughts and prayers.  

     A motion was made and carried to pay the bills.  A motion was made and carried to also pay the city's part of AirMedCare.  Then a motion was made and carried to go into executive session to go over some legal business.  A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting after the executive session.


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