The Owsley County Fiscal Court met in regular session on Monday, September 9, 2019.  The meeting was called to order by County Judge Executive Cale Turner.  A motion was made and carried to approve the July minutes.  Cody Lewis gave the treasurer's report.  The General Fund has a balance of $129,513.50.  The Road Fund has a balance of $565,448.16.  The Jail Fund has a balance of $3,428.79.  L.G.E.A. Fund has a balance of $100,662.27.  Solid Waste has a balance of $24,175.26.  The Parks & Recreation Fund has a balance of $3,325.47 and the LGEDF Fund has a balance of #897.16.  A motion was made and carried to acknowledge the receiving of the treasurer's report.

     The Commissioner of Rural and Municipal Aid, Gray Tomblyn stated that Governor Bevin made two things clear when he appointed me to this position:  1)travel the Commonwealth and work with local officials to address infrastructure needs of rural communities and 2) never play politics.  Mr. Tomblyn stated that the state is about 6 billion dollars short to fix everything that needs to be fixed.  Owsley County has 2 roads that were submitted to be resurfaced, Smith Branch Road and Judd Road.  The governor has approved $131,823.00 to do this.  The fiscal court can submit other roads for funding, as well.  

     The City of Booneville Attorney, Todd Osterloh, approached the fiscal court about the Zoning and Planning that the City is working on.  The city is interested in working with the county to enact this.  This stems from the Strategic Planning that took place a few short months ago.  Mr. Osterloh explained to the court that the city can extend out into the county up to five miles outside the city limits with their zoning and planning.  This will not cause people to pay more taxes because it would not be annexing property into the city limits.  The fiscal court decided to table this til next month so that they could have time to look at their options.  They want to have more discussions about this.  

     Teleworks has almost reached their goal of getting 300 people jobs this year.  Right now, they are at 297 with a little over 3 months left in the year.  Judge Turner asked Lesa M. Marcum to talk about an event at the Public Library later this week.  Lesa said that she has been in contact with people at the Census Bureau.  There will be 3 people at the Public Library on Thursday, September 12, 2019.  They will be providing assistance in filling out applications and answering any questions that anyone may have.  The Census pays $12.50 an hour for training with $0.58 per mile.  When finished with training, the pay is $14.00 an hour and $0.58 per mile.  When filling out applications, applicants need to put 40 hours a week on the application.  All the equipment needed for the job will be provided, except the vehicle for driving.  You must have your own transportation.  “We need to make sure that our county has all residents counted because this helps us with funding.”  

     A motion was made and carried to keep the Compensating Tax Rate for the next year.  A motion was made and carried to approve the motor vehicle/water crafts at the same rate.  A motion was made and carried to keep the tangible rate the same.  A motion was made and carried to acknowledge the receiving the Conservation District's tax rates.  

     Judge Turner in

formed the court that the big compactor has finally been fixed.  There was some discussion about fixing the brakes on the other compactor.  Some people have gotten caught up on their Solid Waste bills and others have not.  The Solid Waste Board and Sheriff's Department are going to be working together to get those that are not in compliance.  We will be bringing people in to the Board to get this taken care of.  Judge Turner also stated that the roads are looking better than they have in years.  There are still a few places that the bushwhacker needs to get.  The road crew is working on that.    

     The last FEMA project was put into the system.  They have signed off on where we did $320,000.00 of work on a project on the flood that took place in February and March.  We should get reimbursed somewhere around $270,000.00 for the work already done.  

     A motion was made and carried to do transfers as needed within the budget.  A motion was made and carried to pay all legally incurred bills.  Magistrate Jerry McIntosh asked the court about declaring October 14th as Mayor Charles Long Day.  He suggested that a candlelight vigil be held on that day in honor of the long-time mayor.  The court agreed and said they would like to have a resolution declaring October 14th as Mayor Charles Long Day.  Mayor Nelson Bobrowski said that the city will help with this.  A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting.

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