Does Kentucky have more bald eagles during the winter months?
Info Via the Dept of Fish and Wildlife
We have a team of KY Wild biologists dedicated to the monitoring & study of animals that are not hunted, fished or trapped.​
YOUR SUPPORT of KY Wild helps ensure that future generations of Kentuckians can enjoy our state’s wildlife and the habitats on which they depend. The recovery of the bald eagle is just one example of how people can help wildlife. Check out the program here:
When northern lakes become ice-covered, bald eagles move south in search of open water and easier fishing. Bald eagles typically congregate at the best feeding areas, giving biologists an opportunity to track how the winter population is doing from year to year. ​
Each January, teams of biologists and partners count eagles along Kentucky’s major rivers and reservoirs as part of the annual National Midwinter Eagle Survey.​
While Kentucky’s eagle numbers vary from year to year, the highest counts occur during periods of extended cold temperatures and more ice cover on northern rivers and lakes.
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