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By: Jessica L Butler, GM-Editor


Governor Beshear has declared a State of Emergency for the State of Kentucky due to the recent severe winter weather. This has caused some vaccine clinics to temporarily shut down causing a backlog of those trying to get vaccinated.

Close to a dozen new locations should be opening up soon according to the Governor. People can log on to to find the nearest vaccine clinic near them. All this is providing that the state of Kentucky will get enough of the vaccine from the federal government. Signing up at multiple sites is not encouraged. Covid-19 numbers are beginning to settle down. It is down below 7% for positive test results. Sadly, the death rate is still tragically high. Kentucky is still losing 45-50 people per day due to Covid-19. We have passed 386,000 cases statewide for Covid-19, and 4200 deaths in the state due to the virus. 10% of the Kentuckians have been vaccinated with the 1st round. Prisons have been one of the driving forces for spiking the Covid-19 numbers throughout the state. Prisons have the 5th highest infection rate in the country. Jails have not even been monitored to give a number.

State Auditor Mike Harmon has done an audit of the unemployment issues surrounding the emergency unemployment due to the pandemic. His office found that over 400,000 emails for filing unemployment have not even been open. The Governor responded by saying that may not be from 400,000 people, because there could be numerous emails from the same person. Most think that is still a fairly large number of emails that should not have been ignored. His staff, also found, possible violations of federal regulations. They were not verifying the eligibility of benefits against the federal unemployment regulations. Because of this, the Governor is asking for more money in his budget to fix the unemployment system. There has been a lot of talk about fixing the system, but no action to do so has been seen as of yet.

State Representative Bill Wesley (R-91st District) sponsored House Bill 277 exempt the KY operator's license requirement for a member of the Armed Forces of the United States, their spouse. and dependent child who hold a valid driver's license from another state when they are assigned to KY but maintain a permanent residence elsewhere. The Bill was passed in committee and will make its way to the House floor for passage. He will, also, will be testifying on behalf of the Constables in the State of Kentucky this coming week and will be speaking against House Bill 267. House Bill 267 details the powers and duties of Constables, and/or to remove Constables. This is a slight partisan Bill.

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