January City Council Notes

By: Lisa Robinson, Associate Editor

     On Wednesday, January 13, 2021, the Booneville City Council met in regular session.  Members of the council were in person and everyone else was on a teleconference call.  The meeting was called to order by Mayor Nelson Bobrowski.  A motion was made and carried to approve the minutes from the December board meeting.  

     Lisa Botner, Owsley County Tourism Director, told the council that the tourism committee has talked about doing a county wide clean-up.  A motion was made and carried to appoint Lisa as the PRIDE coordinator for the City of Booneville.  She has taken the military tribute banners down for the winter.  She has found a place to get the next round of banners with four grommets to hang on the fence instead of on the poles.  She was told to give the families two options, one where the family gets a banner and the other would be that the family does not.  The second option would be cheaper.  She wants to start the new display again around Memorial Day.    

     Donna Hardin gave a report for the Owsley County Action Team.  She talked about the Brownfield Grant.  It could be a couple of years to get the grant.  This would be a Phase I and Phase II grant.  A motion was made and carried to approve getting started on this project.  

     David Hall gave his monthly report.  He stated that things have been interesting since last month.  Jackson Energy had some issues with some fuses down the line and it had sent some bad current into the water plant.  This caused two of our variable feed controls to burn up.  Right now we are running on one pump.  As soon as the second drive gets here, we will be getting that all put back together.  Jackson Energy is looking at what went wrong on their end and should let the city know something in the next few days.  David says that he has finally got the sewer station working the way it should.  It is running on a by-pass diesel pump for now.  He stated that he found a leak that was losing 50 gallons per minute.  They got it fixed.  The council talked about needing to get the water lines mapped so that the city can find leaks easier.  

     Paul Nesbitt from Nesbitt Engineering gave his monthly report.  The Hwy. 30 project is almost finished.  Hwy. 11 project will be bid out in February.  There will be new water lines along the new highway.  There should be some of the I/I knocked out sometime in March.  Four of the 11 pump stations will be fixed in this project.  We are just waiting for the go ahead.  The Radio Read expects to release the funds in 45-60 days.  Then it can be bid out.  The Water Plant project has been submitted and it is possible that the city could get an offer on it with a 50% forgiveness.  

     Tammy Shouse, City Clerk, stated that the City of Booneville got approved for the dump bed truck (diesel truck with a dump bed) and also got approved for the mini excavator.  The match for both of these is roughly $28,000 and the rest of it is grant funding (around $80,000).  

     The CBWS Collections report was given by Ruth Hensley.  She stated that the city has received over $100,000 so far from the CARES ACT.  Ruth stated that some of the addresses or phone numbers that they have for customers that owe bills are wrong.  

     The COPS Grant update is that the young man that went to get his training has completed phase I and is going to phase II.  After he gets through phase II, he will have a few more things to do.  He will then be qualified to start.  It was suggested that he work days for a while.  

     The November and December financials were presented to the council.  A motion was made and carried to approve these financials.  A motion was also made and carried to pay the bills, as long as funding is available.  A motion was made and carried to go into executive session.  A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting after the executive session.


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