Owsley County appeared to be in total control in their All A regional tournament game at Cordia when they blasted out to a 22 point lead after leading by 9 at the half. But that was before foul problems started taking their toll and Cordia rode the hot shooting of the Welch brothers, Naz and Nzair,  to climb back into the game and eventually take the lead. Cordia went on to win the game 60-54. Owsley point guard Jake McCoy was in foul trouble for much of the game and he later fouled out, as did two other Owls. Coach Gary Bowling already had numbers issues due to five players not dressing because of illnesses  or injuries, and compounded the foul trouble even more. The game was played at the old Hindman High gym due to Cordia’s gym being closed due to repairs.

Andrew Noe led Owsley in scoring with 18 points. Dylan Watts added 13 points, Jake McCoy had 12, McKindrick Little had 6, Wes Cope 3, and Seth Schott 2. I don’t have stats for Cordia but one of the Welch brothers scored 35.

The Owls had very little problems later in the week when they traveled tp Pippa Passe to take on the June Buchanan Crusaders. The Owls won easily with a 68-38 margin to make their record 1-1.

The next game will be Tuesday, Jan 12 in Booneville vs Estill County.

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