2020 Census

The Owsley County Fiscal Court met in regular session via zoom for the second time.  Judge Turner called the meeting to order.  All magistrates, the county attorney, the county treasurer, and the county judge were all present.  The Road Foreman was absent.  Judge Turner asked the court to suspend the reading of the minutes.  A motion was made and carried to suspend the minutes.  Judge Turner stated that hopefully next month the Fiscal Court would be able to meet in person.  

     Cody Lewis, County Treasurer, gave the treasurer's report.  The General Fund has a balance of $43,276.95.  The Road Fund has a Balance of $41,602.33.  The Jail Fund has a balance of $5,105.26.  The L.G.E.A. Fund has a balance of $30,364.66.  The  Solid Waste Fund has a balance of $30,545.33.  The  Parks & Recreation Fund has a balance of $973.66.  The LGED Fund has a balance of $897.16.  A motion was made and carried to acknowledge the receipt of the treasurer's report.

     Judge Turner told the Fiscal Court that most of the FEMA projects from the February disaster have been completed.  There are still a couple more that is being worked on.  The moneys for these projects should be coming in soon.   

     Teleworks is getting ready to have more workshops.  If you know of anyone that needs a job, encourage 

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