The Owsley County School Board met in regular session on Tuesday, February 11, 2019.  The meeting was called to order by chairperson, Joyce Campbell. A motion was made and carried to review/approve the agenda as presented.  Another motion was made and carried to review/approve the minutes from the last board meeting. The board wanted to say, “Thank you” to Jackson Energy for sponsoring a senior for senior trip this year.  The bank has also donated money to help with the trips for the kids.

     A motion was made and carried to approve the financial report that was given.  Another motion was made and carried to approve KETS Second Offer of Assistance in the amount of $4,211.00 to be escrowed.  A motion was made and carried to approve the superintendent's travel expenses for January and February2020. He has none at this time but it still has to be approved by the board.  Mr. Gary Cornett gave an update on attendance. He stated that the system has lost several kids and that sickness has started back up again. Then discussion started on the school calendar for the 2020-2021 school year.  A motion was made and carried to keep the start and end times of the school day the same. A motion was made and carried to continue the Flex PD days. The opening day for students will be August 6th, as of right now.    

     There was some talk about a Remote Internship Pilot Program.  This is an internship that will be done on the computer. Students will be assigned to a teacher that will help them.  The students will be working with companies such as Google, Vogue and other financial companies. These internships are all online and the students will work approximately 10 hours a week.  The students will have about four weeks of training before they start actually working. The students will be able to get letters of recommendation from these companies. They will be getting real world experience that they can put on their college applications and resumes for work after graduation.  This will be offered for juniors and seniors. This will be better when we get to start it at the beginning of the school year. Some of the companies that are involved in this program are companies that our students would have no chance of getting to work with. This means students don't have to be transported, which is saving fuel and time, as well.  

     The school is also starting a new school safety/visitor badge system.  The visitor will be given a badge that has the time on it that they enter the building.  Each school has a different color on the badge and it will be easy to tell which one a visitor has on.  The badges are very sticky. The badge even tells what you are doing in the school and scans your drivers license.  This system can be customized to tell the school who can and cannot pick up a kid. It can be programmed with a panic button so that the school personnel would not have to call the law.  This is an extra security check for our school. It has already been installed and will be doing training soon.  

     A motion was made and carried to approve several different things such as review SBDM reports, approving/awarding a bid for a district vehicle, approving our renewal of the AirMedCare Contract for 2020-2021, approving surplus food service items, approving fundraising for several groups, the approval of the Letter of Intent for staff, overnight/out of state trips and facility use requests.  Each department then gave their reports. Owsley County is now 97th out of 100 of America's Most Disadvantaged Communities!  There were several people either being employed or resigning/retiring.  Serita McCoy was recognized for her National Board Certification, as well.  The board went into executive session and then a motion was made and carried to adjourn.


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