Owsley County Court House

The Owsley County Fiscal Court in regular session on Monday, September 14that the Owsley County Senior Citizen's Building. The meeting was called to order by County Judge Executive Cale Turner. Zeke Little was not at the meeting due to work. Cody Lewis, County Treasurer, gave the financial report. The General Fund has a balance of $201,888.10. The Road Fund has a balance of $319,149.31. The Jail Fund has a balance of $20,466.46. The L.G.E.A. Fund has a balance of $41,927.12. The Solid Waste has a balance of $27,482.06. The Parks & Rec. Fund has a balance of $4,959.39. The LGEDF Fund has a balance of $13,765.15. A motion was made and carried to accept the reading of the financial report. 

The Soil Conservation District set their taxes for the year. They set it at the same as last year. Sandy Gay gave a list of some of the things that was done with the money ($56,700.00) that they received the previous year. She stated that they signed up 14 producers for the state cost share grant (they each received $7,500.00) and that money will go into the hands of the landowners. This was from the state cost share grants that the Conservation District signed up for. Then, we got an environmental grant that was used to partner with the Owsley County Fiscal Court and the Solid Waste Department to do the spring and fall clean-ups. Because of the $56,700, the conservation district was able to get $394,000 in grants. She stated that 94% or so of the money goes directly into the hands of the landowners in Owsley County. She also stated that she had seen something in Lee County that she was interested in. They had placed a trail camera at an illegal dump site. She stated that she was interested in knowing how the OC Fiscal Court to see what they thought. This is something that the court is going to look into. She stated that the Conservation District would be willing to give some money to help purchase the cameras. Holly Wilder, chairman of the conservation board, stated that she was appreciative of the money that the court gives the conservation district through the millage tax.

Lesa Marcum, Director of the Owsley County Public Library, presented her tax rates to the court. She stated that the library tax has went down for the next year. Last year the tax on the property was 18.9% and this year it is 18.8%. The tax on personal was 19.97% last year and this year it will be 18.89%. Lesa went on to say that she had been checking on the status of Owsley County in the Census. She stated that they have not given her a clear answer on how Owsley County is doing but the deadline to fill out the Census is September 30, 2020 as of right now. Lesa stated that she has hired extra people to help to get the Census filled out. 

Judge Turner stated that the county is in charge of the county retirement. According to the state, we sent in more than we needed to cover our county retirement. We have set the Labor Cabinet fines up for payments. Teleworks has two companies that are hiring right now. 

The Owsley County Fiscal Court set their real estate tax rates, as well. A motion was made and carried to keep the compensating rate for the real estate tax rate. The court decided to keep the motor vehicle tax the same. A motion was made and carried to keep the tangible tax rate at the same as last year. There are still a couple of entities that have not turned in their tax rates yet. 

Judge Turner asked about getting rid of some of the older vehicles. He stated that the court should ask for sealed bids to do this. A motion was made and carried to allow the road foreman to get the surplus vehicles listed and a minimum bid for each so that they can be advertised. The road foreman also gave his report as well. He stated that they have been trying to get some mowing done. 

A motion was made and carried to do transfers as needed. Another motion was made and carried to pay all legally incurred bills. A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting. 


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