Theft is a Concern at the April City Council Meeting

The Booneville City Commissioners meeting was called to order by Mayor Nelson Bobrowski. Many of the council members were in attendance and the rest attended via conference call. A motion was made and carried to approve the minutes from the March 10, 2021 meeting and the special meeting on April 1, 2021. 

Lisa Botner gave her tourism report. She is working on getting the waterways cleaned up. She is partnering with Beattyville's tourism director to try to schedule a kayaking trip in the summer. She stated that they are going to be doing a spring market in May at the Owsley County Public Library. Planning has started on the Daniel Boone Days Festival for this year. There is also talk of a fall festival to take place in Booneville this year. She stated that she is looking at getting Booneville involved in the Kentucky Main Street Program. This program helps engage citizens, businesses, and property owners in incrementally revitalizing the “heart” of their community. 

David Hall gave the monthly report for water and sewer. He stated that they have had one thing after another going on this month. The river banks are in bad shape, according to David, and it will take nothing for them to worsen. There have been a lot of issues at Buffalo because of the ground shifting. We (the city) have received a quote for a trailer that we will use for hauling the new trac hoe. A motion was made and carried to approve the purchase of the trailer for $3500.00.

Paul Nesbitt from Nesbitt Engineering stated that the highway relocation has started on Highway 11. He also told the council that there were some issues getting to some of the manholes because of the lines being broken. This is part of the Sewer Rehab Project. He said that they had to explore rather than have the contractor stick a tv camera in through the manhole. Mr. Nesbitt commented that they want to get this project out to bid as soon as possible. He also stated that they are just waiting on material deliveries for the Lift Station Rehab Project Phase I. He expects to have the Radio Read Meter Project out to bid in the very near future. Our goal is for you (the council) to have a contract to award by the next council meeting. The Water Plant Rehab Project has been submitted to KIA. Mr. Nesbitt also talked about needing to get started on Phase II for most of the projects that are being worked on currently. A motion was made and carried to approve a couple of invoices that was provided to the council. 

Ruth Hensley gave the monthly Collections Report. She stated that she is currently waiting on one more check from the Covid Assistance and the mayor stated that the final payment on the Sidewalk Project should be here soon. Tammy Shouse stated that the mandate has been lifted so that disconnections can begin again. If there is no payment plan in place and you are behind on your water bill, you can be disconnected. The mayor informed the council that the Division of Water will be coming this summer to help map the entire sewer system. 

Lucas Turner with the Booneville Police Department said that Shepherd's Lane is getting worse and worse. If a home is empty, people are going in and helping themselves to whatever they want. Catalytic converters are a very hot item right now. A motion was also made and carried to purchase a safe for the police department so that they have a place to store their guns and evidence they collect. 

Tammy Shouse gave the Financial Report to the council for February and March. A copy of a workable budget was also given to the council members to review. Budget time is around the corner and we need to start looking at it now. A motion was made and carried to approve the Financial Report. A motion was made and carried to pay the bills. A motion was made and carried to approve the KLC Safety Grant. A motion was made and carried to go into executive session. A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting after the executive session.

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