School Board

The Owsley County School Board met in regular session on Tuesday, August 13th.  The meeting was called to order by the chairperson, Joyce Campbell.  She asked that everyone in attendance introduced themselves since there were some new faces in the crowd.  A motion was made and carried to approve the agenda as it was presented.  A motion was made and carried to review and approve the minutes from the last board meeting.  The board members are all going to the fall meeting at the Lee County High School.  

     The board scheduled a special called meeting for the adoption of the working budget that has to be submitted by the 30th of September.  The special meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.  

     There are some new faces in the Owsley County School system.  Amanda Brown is the new 4th grade math teacher.  Seritan McCoy is the new middle 

school math teacher and Natasha Bowling is the new 6th and 7th grade special education teacher. Mr. Bobby Bowling is the new athletic director and career options teacher.  He also teaches 8th grade health.  Mr. Bowling introduced BSN Sports.  BSN Sports is giving the Owsley County Schools $4,000 in NIKE comp money every year to spend however the school wants to.  If the school district spends $50,000, we will give you a 3% rebate in products.  In return, we will also give you a backdrop, tablecloth and a pop-up tent worth about $3,900.  BSN Sports is excited to work with your school system.  BSN Sports also has health and P.E. Curriculum that we will share with you.  A motion was made and carried to approve the contract with BSN Sports.  Mr. Bowling also asked the court to review the District Athletic Handbook.  He stated that they are going to add e sports to the group of sports that is offered at the Owsley County Schools.   Children from OC Schools will be able to compete against other schools and shouldn't have to travel to do it.  This will be kids working together to win their games.  They will be doing this through social media.  We are also trying to start an elementary girls basketball league.  They would practice two days a week and play games on Saturdays.

     A motion was made and carried to approve a final payment application, additional purchase orders and a contract closeout form.  Then a motion was made and carried to approve the financial report as given.  The board then approved the Tax Rates Levied 2019-20 and approved the superintendent's travel expenses for July & August.  Both principals talked about their school's handbooks.  They stated that they are almost the same as last year with minor changes.  The elementary school has added homework policy.   The parent complaint forms for both schools are now online.  Students in grades 6 through 12 can do virtual school.  But they have to attend regular school and be in attendance in order to attend virtual school.

     A motion was made and carried to approve the advertisement for a Community Engagement Coordinator and the job description.  The board then approved several items with a motion that was made and carried.  These items were the SBDM reports for both schools, waiving board policy for a transfer of tenure, continue math design collaborative coach position (MDC), MOA EKU Dual Credit 2019-20, MOU Berea College 2019-20, Elgin Children's Foundation Grant Agreement/MAP Testing 2019-20, Elgin Dental Agreement 2019-20, Ky. River District Health Department Contracts 2019-20, farm manager contract 2019-20 school year, Middle Kentucky Head Start & Owsley County Board of Education Contract for Services 2019-20, Early Childhood Contracts (Health Services for 2019-20, Dietician Services for 2019-20, Mental Health Services for 2019-20 and Dental Health Services for 2019-20), submittal of all Required RFP's, MOA's for existing grants/programs including but not limited to—community education and Save the Children, award bid to James Shouse for construction of storage building at OCHS, approve ARC Chairpersons by title – 2-19-20 School Year (OCES Principal, Special Education Director, Assistant Principal) (OCHS Principal, Assistant Principal, Counselor), school bus request form/routes and data security.  

     Each department gave their monthly report.  Then Dr. Bobrowski gave the personnel update.  There are two resignations.  Josh Bentley (bus driver) resigned effective July 31, 2019 and Stella Barker is resigning effective August 30, 2019.  The school board employed the following:  Bobby Bowling, Natasha Bowling, Amanda Brown, Patricia Montgomery, Jessica Brewer, Shania Turner, Amanda Burch, Lisa Thomas, Amanda Thomas, Alivia Kidd, Brittany Chandler, Cindy Lewis, Sarah Hensley, Laura Logsdon, Andrea Hensley, Latoya McIntosh, Seritan McCoy, Melecia Barrett, Noah Noble (full time bus driver), and substitute employees.  

     The OC Board of Education is going to have a Charter Communications Technology Donation at 2:30 p.m. on August 20th.  Senator Stivers will be in attendance.  

     A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting.

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