Utilities Assistance Topic of November City Council Meeting

The Booneville City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. A few were in person and the rest were on conference call. Mayor Nelson Bobrowski called the meeting to order. A motion was made and carried to approve the minutes from the last meeting as presented. 

Cassie Hudson from Partnership Housing addressed the council. She talked about trying to get the city council to sponsor Partnership Housing for the Covid CDBG earlier this year. These applications still have not been opened. They are changing their guidelines and are leaning toward putting their money into infrastructure. This means that there would be no Covid CDBG left for Partnership Housing to apply for. The Covid CDBG is going to be part of the CARES ACT. Cassie stated that her purpose for attending this meeting was to ask if the city would be willing to switch and sponsor Partnership Housing on the regular CDBG, which is housing. That application is due in February. If the application is not put in by February, then we would have to wait til next February to apply. A motion was made and carried to change from the Covid CDBG to the regular CDBG. She also had 2 resolutions that the city council approved.

David Hall gave his monthly water and sewer update. He talked about the Sewer Station Rehab Project. He stated that they have gotten the bypass installed. It is being operated manually. Paul Nesbitt from Nesbitt Engineering said that the state did not want to fast track the project since it is set to begin in a few weeks. David stated that he has been in contact with Danny from Rural Water and has tentatively scheduled him to come and do a week's worth of comprehensive leak protection. We will be looking at paperwork and digging a little deeper trying to figure out the water loss situation. He stated that the water department has also been going down to the intake area and cleaning the leaves out.

Donna Hardin, Director of the Action Team, asked the council if they would commit to another year of sponsoring Lisa Botner as the Owsley County Tourism Director. She stated that it would be around $11,500.00 for the city's part and the county will be asked for the same. A motion was made and carried to approve Lisa Botner for another year. The Mayor asked Donna if there were any grants that she knows of that the city could apply for. She asked them to give a “wish list” and she would see if she can find any money to help them. 

Lisa Botner, tourism director, thanked the city council for giving her another year to help promote Owsley County and Booneville. She stated that she is making herself available to help with Christmas. She stated that Donna Spence had donated time and materials to help with the Veteran's flags that have been displayed on the fence in front of the elementary school. She made the wreath and helped hang the banners and flags. Lisa stated that they order 2 flags for each veteran so that the family gets one to keep and the city has the other one to display. She asked the council if they would be willing to allow her to order the banners with 4 grommets instead of the pole banners. It is a slight difference in the price but it is easier to hang them on the fence with the grommets. The council agreed to let her order the banners with the grommets instead of the pole banners. Lisa went on to say that Autumn Henrion is the Owsley County Pride Coordinator. She also stated that she is going to be working with Autumn to try to do a county-wide spring cleanup. 

Paul Nesbitt gave his monthly engineering report. The Highway 30 Project has an invoice for $1,160.00. A motion was made and carried to approve the payment of this invoice. The Highway 11 project will now be bid out sometime in 2021. He also had an invoice for $1,970.00 on this project. A motion was made and carried to approve the payment of this invoice as well. Paul stated that all of the first Phase of the Sewer Rehab has been completed and it should be bid out in January 2021. The Lift Station Project bids should be opened on December 10, 2020. Funding is under way for the Water Plant Rehab Project. There was an invoice of $2,500.00 to be approved for this project. A motion was made and carried to approve this payment. For the I/I project, there is not going to be enough money to do all that needs to be done. There is a deadline for some funding applications. He stated that they are going to work to make sure that there is a budget profile in the system for I/I Phase II, Lift Station Phase II and possibly a Waterline Replacement Phase II. We need to get these in so that they can be considered for funding. At the next council meeting, the council will need to authorize procurement of engineers on those three projects. Paul stated that the city has been doing a good job on getting projects into the system so that when the money becomes available, we are ready to get it. 

Ruth Hensley gave the water collections report. There has been several people have received over $18,000.00 from the Covid Relief to pay for water bills. This program is for people that are having trouble paying bills due to Covid. This is available through Community Action. If you need assistance, contact Tammy Shouse or Ruth Hensley at City Hall. They will do what they can to help you get signed up.

Interim Police Chief Tara Roberts stated she is still staying busy. She is still going to training and would like to have hired another police officer before she goes. Cassie Hudson has gotten some money through a grant that she had written. Since there is no in person so far, she had some money left over and saw that she could use it for law enforcement. She was able to give about $9,560.00 to the Booneville City Police to be used for Tara Roberts to go to the Police Academy. This will include travel, meals and some other expenses.

The financial report was given. A motion was made and carried to approve the financial report. A motion was made and carried to approve paying the bills. The city council was  approved for a project to re-blacktop 2 roads in the city. The city had asked for $29,270.00. The project was actually approved for up to $82,400.00. There is a Memorandum of Agreement from the Department of Transportation. A motion was made and carried to approve the Agreement. 

A motion was made and carried to go into executive session. A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting. 

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