City of Booneville

By: Lisa Robinson - Associate Editor

The Booneville City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 via conference call with a limited number of people in person. The mayor called the meeting to order. A motion was made and carried to approve the minutes from the last meeting. 

Lisa Botner gave her monthly update. She says that the canoe rental will be starting up in the spring. The council talked about graveling the areas down to the river and it was stated that maybe they need to hold off on graveling until the spring. With the river getting up during the spring, it would be much better to wait til spring. We will need to clear the debris from the river banks for our visitors. It was mentioned to see talk to 4-H and see if they can help with the clean-up. Lisa mentioned needing to get someone appointed to the PRIDE committee. She also said that if the city can annex the area where the entrance to the river for the kayaking and tubing is, this can help with getting Booneville moved forward as “Trail Town” certified. The property is owned by the city (where the old sewer plant used to be) but is currently on the outside edge of the city limits. A motion was made and carried to approve annexing this piece of property into the city limits, giving the mayor permission to sign any papers necessary to do this. She also stated that she has some things scheduled for fall. September 25thwill be kick off for the fall events. A movie will be shown at the park. The movie is the “Night of the Living Dead.” Snacks will also be sold. She stated that she is working with some local people about doing a walking tour of places that tells the history, folklore and fables of people of the past. They will tell about some of the people that are buried in the cemetery and some folklore about a haunted house that is said to be right up the hollow. This will be taking place every weekend in October. There will be an admission charged. OCARE, the Bonneville Theater committee, and people that have performed at the BEC will be doing some of the storytelling. This is something that we are going to be trying. Lisa also stated that she is trying to get a couple of other movies for Halloween. This would require getting a license to show the movies “Halloween Town” for the kids and the latest Halloween movie for the adults. A motion was made and carried to give $100 toward the purchase of the licenses to show the movies. The costs of the license is almost $850 which is hoped to be done by donations from local businesses. 

David Hall gave his monthly report to the council. The county is working on putting a culvert in and David will be working with them for the water lines. He said he has been dealing with another project that is getting three additional meters. That project looks like it will be easier than first anticipated. There were rumors of a subdivision being put in but the owner of the land stated that he may eventually sell ten acres. He stated that there were no plans for any subdivision. 

Paul Nesbitt gave his monthly report. The Highway 30 project is the same. They are just building it. They have just a little more work to do. Highway 11 is just waiting to see if there will be federal funds available for it. He stated that he had hoped to show the council the video of the I/I project. He also asked the council to approve for a requisition for $6,020.00 for design work done on the project. A motion was made and carried to approve payment of this requisition. Paul also stated that they are continuing to work on the Lift Station Rehab Project. They are trying to get it out the door so that they can get it bid out. We need to get the pumps in the lift stations. He had another requisition for $12,400.00 on the Lift Station Rehab Project to be approved. A motion was made and carried to approve the requisition. A motion was made and carried to get with KRADD to advertise for an engineer for the city. Paul also stated that the city needs to get more projects in the works so that if money becomes available, then the city will be more likely to get projects done. 

Ruth Hensley gave the monthly Collections Report. Then, Interim Police Chief Roberts gave her monthly police report. She has been staying busy. The city has received the paperwork for the C.O.P.S. Grant. The council also looked at the applications for another city police officer. Chief Roberts stated that even if she is not working, she is still working. A committee is going to meet and narrow down the number of applications for another city police officer. This committee will approve the officer and the council will need to approve the hiring as well. 

Financial report was given. A motion was made and carried to pay bills providing funding is available. The city is waiting for word on Halloween. We are looking at going ahead with the Christmas parade. It would have to be done with social distancing and CDC guidelines being observed. We will reach out to the health department and see what we need to do. A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting. 


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