Becky McQueen, OCHS School Finance Officer, and Pam Campbell, Retired Kindergarten Teacher, have invested a lot of time, money and hard work into a past time that they both love: cooking. They started M & M Curbside Creations earlier this year.

They were hoping to have their food truck at all the local festivals. Then something happened that changed that. COVID-19 appeared and changed the way everything has been done since March. With the governor stating that we need to “shelter at home,” wear a mask and “stay 6 feet apart,” Becky and Pam had to get creative if they wanted to have a chance with their food truck. 

They have gotten lots of help from their families and friends. Their families have pitched in to help wherever they were needed. From Becky's dad, Clifton Marshall, helping by doing some of the driving, to their children helping with serving, trying new foods that they were wanting to add to their menu and even running for supplies. 

When asked where they have set up so far this year, their reply was: Owsley County, Lee County, Slade, Winchester (a two night event for a music recital at a church), the Boneyard ATV Park (was for for Moonshine & Mayheim: Benefit for Dessie Scott Children's Home), Sag Hollow Golf Course for a golf scramble and at an Owsley County Saddle Club for a horse show. During the summer they did a lot of “Snow Bowl” set ups. But now that the weather is getting colder, they have shifted back to cooking good hot foods.

They have coffee drinks, strawberry lemonade, and an amazing Indiana Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. The pork tenderloin is way bigger than the bun that it is served on. They also do a mean philly steak. They are hoping to start some new menu items soon, too. They want to have a taco night, maybe soups for the colder months and fish. 

The ladies said that they want to thank each and every person that has visited their food truck. They also said that if you want to know when or where they will be next, check out their Facebook page (M & M Curbside Creations). They post the day before they are going to be setting up. They wanted to say thank you for the love and support that has been shown to them. They are hoping and praying that things will get back to “normal” soon, so that they can set up at the festivals next year. But while they wait, they will continue to set up as long as the weather will allow for this year. They will continue to bring some amazing food and drinks to everyone that they can. 

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