By: Chris Dooley

There’s talk of cooler weather moving in over the next couple of weeks.  There’s been a few nights already that have had quite a chill in the air.  Fall is right around the corner and Winter is closer behind it than we may think.  

     It won’t be long and all of the kids in our town will be dressing up as their favorite ghouls and goblins for Halloween.  I love seeing all the fall decorations and fodder-shocks in peoples yards already.  Fall is the most beautiful time of the year to me by far and something I look forward to all year long.

     We’re going past 18 months into this covid pandemic in our country.  In the last couple of weeks alone, several families in neighboring Lee county have lost loved ones to this terrible virus.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those families dealing with loss and the families who are still in the trenches sending up prayers for their loved ones who are hanging on in hospitals.  It’s my prayer that God sends all of you comfort, strength and peace in these troubling times.

     This virus has seen an uptick even here in Owsley County, we’ve had all kinds of new cases the past month.  It’s been in our homes, our schools, businesses and everywhere else in between.  This goes around, it’s even been affecting our kids and making them ill.  It’s forced everyone to have to make tough decisions on what’s best for their children.  Some decisions that have been made aren’t popular with everyone, while some are going over well.  I never like criticizing people that have to make tough decisions for what they feel like is the well being of a large group of people.  I don’t always agree with everything Governor Beshear says, but I do feel like the man has been dealt an extremely difficult hand his entire tenure as Governor having to deal with this pandemic.  He’s a father with kids too, I’m sure he feels the same way many of us do now.  That’s why I believe it’s a little far-fetched to see so many people ridicule him, make fun of him and hope he loses his job.

     Our nation has become extremely hostile toward each other.  The days where people could find common ground to meet on, feel like a century ago.  Everything is democrat vs republican now, no in between.  It’s sports, school, science, and health.  Every issue that comes up anymore is a mess because it pits one side against the other and it’s a fight.  

     I try my best to stay positive and be a light in these dark times our country is facing.  It doesn’t matter to me who you voted for in an election, if you need my help I will help you.  If you got a Trump flag in your yard, it doesn’t impress me a single ounce more than if you had a Biden sticker on your car or vice versa.  What impresses me is how you treat other people.  What impresses me is if you can put agendas and personal politics aside to be there for someone in need.   I’m not easily impressed when it comes to life.  A ‘last name’ does nothing for me.  A lofty bank account full of money and stocks doesn’t impress me either.  The truck you drive or the home you live in, they neither do anything for me.  

     What I notice about people is their heart.  What do you really STAND for? A “riding with Biden” coffee cup or a Trump 2024 hat doesn’t tell me a thing about your heart.  What kind of friend are you? Are you one that’ll see me in the store somewhere and walk past me like you hardly know me? Or are you one that’ll come up to me when you see me & ask how I’ve been? When I reach out to you when I’m having a bad day, do you shut up your bowels of compassion and ignore me? Or do you talk to me until I feel better about whatever was bothering me?

     Because there’s too much of that going on right now.  There’s too many people fighting battles alone on their own, because we can become so ‘busy’ that we forget about them.  We get too busy working, doing other stuff and filling our time with facebook that we forget about each other.  How many friends have you lost touch with in the last year and a half?  When was the last time you checked in on that one that was sick to see how they felt? What about that person that just buried a loved one and is still hurting, did you see how they were doing?

     There’s more important things going on out there than arguing about politics.  There’s more important stuff going on than trying to prove you’re right.  If you’re gonna share something, let it be love instead of a facebook post that’ll just start a fight anyway.  Love each other, be there for each other.  Admit if you’re wrong, because nobody has ever choked to death from swallowing their own pride.  This is our one shot, one opportunity.  Make it count!

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