The other night I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, completely out of boredom.  It was late at night and I couldn't sleep, insomnia had kicked in hard.  I like a lot of bands’ pages, so I keep up with when they release new music or announce tour dates, because I'm a concert junkie.

     As I was scrolling, I saw a post from a band I've loved for years, the Christian Rock group Scarlet White.  They hadn't posted anything in a long time, so I figured it was something good, but it was absolutely horrible news.  The lead singer for the band, Spencer Minor, had been killed over the weekend in a motorcycle accident.  I swallowed the lump in my throat, I felt hurt by the news.  They had been in regular rotation in my cd player for years, in fact, their first cd is one of the best rock albums of all time in my opinion.

     I started watching videos and googling stories about Spencer and the band, to find out a little more about them.  I read all the comments from the fans on their post, it seemed as if I wasn't the only one feeling a little heartbroken.  From everything I've read, Spencer was an absolute gem of a person.  The fans were commenting and telling stories about how at Scarlet white shows they'd met Spencer and how nice and humble he was.  Not to mention, they talked at length about his love for God and how all he wanted to do was share that love with hurting people.  

     One of the best things about their first album that I truly appreciated, was that there was no mistaking their lyrics as anything but about God.  They mentioned grace, forgiveness and God openly.  It was really refreshing to see such honest & open lyrics from a rock band in this day and age.

     Even though their lyrics had a warm and welcoming spirit about them, the music rocked just as hard as any band anywhere in the world.  It was music that you could head bang to, then it had softer moments you could reflect about you life with.

     In the post, the band had written that Spencer left behind a wife and a little boy.  I looked at their pictures together on their page and my heart broke for them.  The three of them together looked like a perfect couple.  They were happy, healthy and their little son was an adorable combination of both of them.

     As many of you already know, Wednesday nights are church nights for us.  As I was getting ready to go to church last night, I decided to put the Scarlet White cd in and listen to it on the short drive to town.  As I pulled out of the driveway, I turned the volume up way louder than I normally do.  Most of the time, I keep the volume on 10 because it's comfortably loud enough, but not so much that it jars you.  But this time, I made an exception and turned it to 16 and absolutely rocked out.  I'd never saw the band live or met them at a show, but after listening to them for 6 or 7 years I still felt I still a connection to them through what they stood for, I'm a believer myself.  I knew I wouldn't get to go to his funeral in Michigan, so this had to be my closure about the situation.  As I got closer to town, the guitars clanged and the drums beat a rhythm into my chest.  I listened to the words to the song even closer than I normally did.  One of my favorite songs on the cd was called “Stick to Your Guns” which to me symbolizes how important it is to keep walking in faith and believing in God.  The song is probably the hardest rocker on the entire album.  As it fades out after 4 and half minutes, the guitars calm down and all the music fades away.  The only thing that remains is something that sounds like a bagpipe, as it gently plays the music to “Amazing Grace” until it's over.

     In that moment, I felt so much peace in my soul.  Because when you stand for something like how Spencer stood for Jesus, it's peace like you've never known.  The entire band have made a career and multiple albums off of spreading their message of hope.  They've never been what you'd say famous, but they've touched so many kids over the years at shows and tried to share their light with them.  To me, that's way more valuable than Grammy awards or millions of dollars in the bank.  I've been to several Christian rock shows over the years and all of the bands that I've seen live are some of the humblest and loving people you could ever meet.  That's why I spend my money to support them and help them continue to spread the good news of the gospel.

     So please, even though we don't physically know Spencer and his family, let's lift them up in prayer.  Last I'd seen they were collecting money through a go fund me account to pay for his funeral, if I had any extra myself, I'd gladly donate to such a good cause.  I wish the rest of the band continued success whether they continue making music or stop completely, I will support them either way.  My friend, I hope one day when we all get to heaven that you all can put on the concert for me that I never got to see down here.  One of most underrated bands and vocalists of all time!  Rest in peace Spencer Minor!

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