Periods of rainy cloudy days were never a hindrance to the enjoyment of life when I was young. As a matter of fact, i found wandering in the woods , or other outdoor activities were more enjoyable on such days. Rain and the clouds that accompany it,always brought a sort of peaceful solitude . A soothing calm or peace, I found on such days. On extended hiking trips, it was even more so, because on such days the likelihood of encounters with others were much slimmer, and one could expect to have the serenity of the deep woods to themselves. In later life though, such days, especially repeated ones, do dampen my Spirits. 

     Having mentioned about clouds , rain, and fog in a few previous post got me to thinking, such days were plentiful in my youth. More so than others I suppose because a great portion of those early years were spent on water. Any Sailor has to deal with such conditions frequently and knows that often ,, especially in confined water, it can bring on a little stress, no matter your age. I was thinking yesterday about some of those days and how they were just a matter of course and one had to follow certain procedures for the safety of the ship and crew,. I was also thinking that unlike rain , fog can often be deceiving, and recalled a time or two when worries about such conditions were often unwarranted.. One of those times that came to mind would have been about 1971 or 72 . I was on a ship moving through the treacherous straits of Mackinac, which over the past century has developed into a virtual grave yard of sunken vessels. It was about three in the afternoon and being my watch was the four to eight I had just gotten up. Working those hours had gotten me into the habit of sleeping days,then reading, and or card playing at nights. I stepped out onto the deck, and the first thing I encountered was a dense fog. The fog did not bother me, but what bothered me was the fact that the ship seemed to be moving at an unreasonable rate of speed. It gave one a feeling of fear plunging headlong through a fog in such enclosed waters as those straits . I headed back aft to the location of the Galley for a snack before relieving the present watch. The dining room was only occupied by one other and he too seemed a little concerned. We discussed it a moment and then it was time for me to head to the pilot house and take the wheel. As I opened the door, I encountered the third mate , who had just came off his watch and like me, drifted back for a snack. I mentioned to him that it sure seemed we were moving a little fast through such a dense fog. He smiled a little, and just made a casual remark. and said, "We are fine Eddie' , then walked on by me. Perplexed I headed up the ladder to the Pilot House. Imagine my surprise when I got withing a few feet of the pilot house deck. I broke through a murky fog into a very clear and cloudless day. The tops of the bouys, the land, everything was perfectly visible except for the water we were riding on. . That fog extended only a few yards above the water., and gave one the impression the boat was riding on a layer of grey clouds. , yet , a few feet down it created an impression of great danger and worry.. Of course being young at the time and not interested i did not know there are different kinds of fog. The fog we were in is known as radiation fog and rises upward following the rivers and other bodies of water. sometimes it will only extend upward a few feet,,other times a few hundred feet.. It is also referred to by locals as Sea Fog,,or River fog..depending on where one is located..It can occur when a heavy cold front moves over a body of warmer water.. Regardless,In those days to me, fog was fog. I am reminded of this episode because weather can and does effect many of our moods.I have found in my case, mostly the deep dense fogs don't really extend too far, nor are they very thick. 

     They can, if one will it ,,dissipate quit quickly.. I have never had to live in a perpetual fog., but have to admit some have been thick and deep and I would wonder if they were ever going to move out., Regardless,though, We must ever remember God is always in and above the fog.. One must keep the ship moving if he or she wish to escape.. In a few days,,like I did on that old Vessel, I'm going to step out of this fog too..

     Everything changes,,and nothing changes more than the weather..Looking forward to the Sun. This damp , dark spell, will only make it seem that much brighter.

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