Eddie Dean

The World has always been a pretty evil place to be and Humanity is the greatest culprit causing that evil.  That being said, there have and continues to be some goodness in a portion of Humans to sort of balance out the evil.  But in all appearance that now appears to be a receding trend, selfishness, lack of self respect, disdain of family and others, and a constant search for addictions of every sort, be it in bodily pleasures, drugs, or possessions of material things, the only real constant love delivered into this chaotic world was one Jesus Christ...and even though his only crime was preaching love and brotherhood, he was condemned and executed.  So, it has been likewise for good folks throughout eternity.  If Jesus Christ came back and walked our world today, in Human form, the treatment he received in his other time period would seem like a picnic compared to the persecution he would receive now.  Attacks on him, his teachings, and those that align with him are more prevalent today, than ever before. 

     It's a sad thought for Christmas, that the only thing that is on most peoples mind is how much they can spend, on themselves or others.  As we go into this season and beyond, it would do us well to at last be a little thankful for that one gleam of goodness, hope and charity, that visited our earth on that day so many years ago...and remember, going beyond the years of Jesus, those biblical prophets that laid so many foundations for the life of Mankind.  For those that think Bible principals don't matter...bear in mind, we swear millions of oaths on it ever day.  What else can we swear by, the inherent truth of man kind himself.. that would be a joke.  

     Also, remember your calendar dates for history are in BC or AD...and for goodness sake...why do we wear clothes?  There are things we do every day, that stems from those wise words and actions of many years past...and if you have never felt the presence of an Angel, somewhere along life's path, I pray you might someday in your future.  

     The world needs Mercy, kindness, goodness, and many prayers.  More so now than at any time in history!  I don't want to sound despondent, but with technology, combined with the hearts of man...I see terrible times ahead.  We are quickly going into a technological Abyss of complete Godliness and humanism.  A world of no feelings, only those we feel for our own pleasures or satisfaction...I am afraid we are loosing the capabilities to love.

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