Chris Dooley

The other night I just couldn't sleep, I'd tossed and turned all night.  I had too much on my mind. I'd heard all the news about all of the bad things going on in our county the previous few days and my mind was just somewhere else that night.

    It seemed like for the small population in our county, we had a big cities worth of heartache.  There was just so much stuff going on, my mind couldn't rest. I'm one of those people that has a big heart for my fellow friends and loved ones.  When people I care about hurt, I hurt with them. When people I love are crying, I want to cry with them. When people I know feel lonely, I want to give them a hug.  That's just who I am.

    Because I've always prided myself on not just being a good friend to those who love me, but a good person to everyone else too.  I've gave a big part of myself away over the years to people I've come into contact with.

    I believe that the best thing you can leave behind when you leave this world is your legacy.  Ultimately, your character will be defined by how you loved other people. Did you have a heart that was on fire for others?  Or were you cold and indifferent?

    Did you help people only when you could benefit from it?  Or did you help even though you knew that they couldn't repay or help you back?  What'd you stand for? What'd you stand against? Did you say you's be there for people and mean it, or did you leave them wondering if you even cared at all?

    Because when people are hurting, it's our responsibility as a decent human being to be there for them.  Personally, I know from experience just how much it means to have people be there for you when you're in need.

    There's been a lot of times in  my life where I just felt like I needed someone.   Maybe things weren't spiraling out of control completely, but I just felt like I needed someone to talk to.  Luckily, I've been blessed with a handful of friends who've answered the call and went way above and beyond to be there for me.

    When I've been down, they did things to lift my spirits.  When I'm sad, they'll pick me up and we'll do nothing but ride around & listen to music and laugh.  It helps me so much. There's been times when I've just wanted to get out of Booneville for the night and they've took me out to eat and the movies.  I have always been blessed with a large selection of friends in my life that inspire me and keep me going.

    But what about the forgotten one?  What about the one who feels like they're not good enough compared to everyone else?  What about the one who cuts themselves at night, just to if they still feel at all? What about the ones society deems “outcasts” and no good?  What about those people?

    Those are the people I try to reach with my writings and posts that I share.  I'm far from a motivational speaker, but I do a pretty good job of sharing my love of life with those who aren't as motivated as I am.  I just try to let people know that I do all things out of love. I just try to let them know that they're someone. That they still have a purpose.  That they still matter. I try to let them know they're not too far gone. They're not hopeless, they never have been.

    In my life, I try to build a longer table, not a taller fence.  I've absolutely had my heart broken by people but I refuse to let it build a wall around my heart to keep other people out.  I want us all to make it. I want us all to eat at my table. If you don't have anywhere to sit, you can always sit with me.

    It's all good vibes here with me.  Life is a terribly short thing. We none have an idea of when our number will be called to leave this world.  I don't have all the answers to why bad things happen to good people. I don't always know the right words to say to someone who id hurting.  All I can do, is just be there. What does 'there' mean?

    It means to pull together when someone is in need.  It means let grudges and the past go. It means to hug people anyway even when you don't know the right words to say.  It means holding a crying head on your shoulder and comfort them. It means telling someone “I'm praying for you” when their world is crashing down.  It means checking in on someone who's lost a loved one from time to time, just to let them know you still care about them. It means you walk in when they feel like everyone else walked out.  Anyone can say “I'm here for you” but it takes a special person to say it and mean it. Those are the people you need in your life. Those are your strong pillars you can lean on in times of need.  Let them know you love them. Even more importantly, let them know that God loves them and he hasn't given up on them, that he's still right there in the stillness of the wind.

    If you're reading this and you've been lucky enough to live a blessed life, share it with someone else.  When you do these things out of love, you'll never run out of love. Give yourself away and watch how much you gain in return.


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