The Owsley County Fiscal Court met in regular session on Monday, June 8, 2020 via Zoom.  Judge Cale Turner called the meeting to order.  He asked for a motion to suspend the reading of the minutes and a motion was made and carried to suspend the minutes again.  Cody Lewis, County Treasurer, gave the treasurer's report.  The General Fund has a balance of $70,926.33.  The Road Fund has a balance of $2,803.98.  The Jail Fund has a balance of $4,007.17.  The LGEA Fund has a balance of $24,983.38.  Solid Waste has a balance of $30,774.99.  The Parks & Recreation Fund has a balance of $305.95.  The LGEDF Fund has a balance of $897.16.  A motion was made and carried to acknowledge the receiving of the treasurer's report.  

     Owsley County is eligible for up to $150,314.00 through the CoronaVirus funding.  Some bigger cities are eligible for up to a million dollars.  Judge Turner stated that he hopes that Owsley County gets to count the loss of having the prisoners working.  He stated that the fiscal court needs to pass a resolution to receive funding from the CoronaVirus.  A motion was made and carried to adopt the resolution.  The court also had another resolution to pass that would give Judge Turner permission to borrow $50,000 through bonding with KACO if needed to get through the end of this fiscal year.  It would be paid back in August.  A motion was made and carried to pass the resolution.  

     Judge Turner asked the magistrates to look at the administrative code to see if there were any changes that needed to be made.  Any changes that need to be made can be made at the next meeting.  There are some things that are required to be in the administrative code and the court needs to make sure that those things are included. The fiscal court must go over their administrative code every June.  It can be changed at any time during the year at a fiscal court meeting.  

     Judge Turner had provided a copy of the new budget for the next fiscal year to each of the magistrates.  The state had originally given the county $665,000.00 to budget for the next year.  Now they are saying to budget $601,500.00 which is about a 10% cut in that number because of the CoronaVirus.  The state road fund has been hit very hard by the virus and cuts had to be made.  A motion was made and carried to approve this as the first reading of the budget for the fiscal year 2020-2021.  A 

motion was made and carried to get the bid out for the pipes, gravel and asphalt.  This has to bid out every year.  

     Owsley County is dead last in the Census right now.  Judge Turner stated that the County Judge's office has helped numerous people to fill out their Census online.  Leslie County is the next lowest and they are 1% ahead of Owsley.  Judge Turner is urging people to fill out their Census.  He says that this is how we are going to be funded for the next 10 years.  Head start, schools, roads and other programs will be cut drastically if we (Owsley County) don't get these numbers up.  We need to ask everyone and help them if they need help.  If you need assistance, our office and the Public Library are here to help.  There are other places in the county that will help.  “Please fill out your Census,” stated Judge Turner.  

     FEMA owes us some money that we should be getting soon.  They will be here again on Wednesday to look at more storm damage.  The county is waiting to get the money they owe us so that we can get some roads fixed that have been damaged by the storms.  

     Judge Turner stated that some residents that are still not paying for garbage pickup.  The county has been enforcing this since the virus hit.  As soon as the quarantine is lifted, there will be people brought before the Solid Waste Board to answer as to why they still don't have garbage pickup.  It only costs $12 a month and that is cheaper than anywhere around.  

     The road foreman, Tracy, had his surgery and should be back at work by the end of this week, hopefully.  The men have been mowing as the weather allows.  With the rain, it is hard to do much with the roads.  We need a few good dry days and then we can get some grading and other road work done.  We can get the mowing caught up, too.  We have had some machinery worked on so we should be ready to go as weather permits.

     A motion was made and carried to transfer funds as needed.  A motion was made and carried to pay all legally incurred bills.  A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting.

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