Owsley County Medical Clinic

Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation’s top priority is to provide high- quality health care to all patients. In that effort, the Owsley County Medical Clinic offered free coronavirus (COVID-19) drive-through testing to all persons age 18 and older. People were tested without leaving their cars and at no charge.  

     Laura Gay, Clinic Administrator, stated that “the drive-through COVID-19 testing event was a great success with 161 persons taking advantage of the free COVID-19 tests.” She added that “the COVID-19 testing event will assist local medical facilities, health departments and public leaders assess the level of the COVID-19 pandemic in the community. “The more people we can test the better chance we have of stopping the virus and possibly save lives. 

     Testing is an effective tool to slow the coronavirus while protecting our community and families during this unprecedented pandemic. 

     With an emphasis on good health and prevention, Owsley County Medical Clinic offers the best in family-centered healthcare including the following: Podiatry, Optometry, Dental, Behavioral Health, TeleHealth, KY 

Medicaid (health insurance), 340b (reduced drug pricing), Sliding Scale and the summer PHARMACY Program. 

     Mary Ann Combs stated that “Instead of the invasive and unpleasant nasal COVID-19 test I had heard about, I was handed a swab that looked like Q-tip, Dr. Brittany Bobrowski instructed me to take the swab and place it halfway up my nostril, twirl it to the right a few times and twirl it to the left a few times, and let it sit in the nasal cavity for 15 seconds”. She said “the test was much more tolerable, instead of the invasive and unpleasant nasal test I had heard about, I encourage everyone to definitely be tested”. She said she “couldn’t believe our little town was offering free COVID-19 testing like bigger cities, Lexington and Louisville were doing, she said she was so impressed with the Owsley Medical Clinic staff, as to how easy it was to be tested”. 

     Dr. Brittany Bobrowski said that she is “honored to be part of the MCHC COVID-19 testing event”. The event occurred over 3 days and was completely free of charge to all participants. 161 people were screened during the 3 day event, which was considered a great success. The majority of the people reported the testing was painless and was convenient as the patients did not have to leave their vehicles for the testing to be performed. Dr. Bobrowski stated that “our goal of this event was to screen as many people as possible, especially the elderly and those at high risk due to pre-existing medical conditions”.  

     Asymptomatic individuals were also screened as they could potentially be asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus. Thanks to all participants for making this event successful. “Whether people need appointments for chronic disease management, get a COVID-19 test, I encourage patients to be proactive about their health during a stressful time, “you can be contagious and not know it, stated Dr. Bobrowski”. 

     At the beginning of this pandemic, patients were too scared to go out or didn’t know about the option of TeleHealth. “We are going in the opposite direction now, patients are starting to call us to get back into care,” Dr. Bobrowski said, “we are open and providing care to as many patients as we can and we are accepting new patients”. She added that ”it’s amazing how patients are becoming more comfortable, they love the virtual visits.” 

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