Owsley County School District Receives Grant Award

The Owsley County School District has been awarded the FY21 Kentucky Comprehensive Literacy (Round 2) grant award of $665,726 to be funded over a three-year period. 

     This grant was written and applied for by Tonya Fox Spicer in Fall 2020, with an award notice given to the district on August 27, 2021. 

     The purpose of the Kentucky Comprehensive Literacy (KyCL) grant is to support schools in improving the reading and writing achievement of all learners from birth to grade 12. 

     This round 2 grant will allow the district to continue work started with the previous Striving Readers Grant. 

     Projects will focus on closing the literacy learner gaps of the disadvantaged by establishing specific supports for at-risk learners, birth to grade 12. This includes resources and professional learning for staff teaching from birth to grade 12. 

     Owsley County is one of nine school districts in the Commonwealth that received this grant award from the KY Department of Education.

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