Red Oaks Forest School in the Red River Gorge

Registration for nonmembers is now open! Sign up today for any of our programs that are designed to get you outside and into nature.

     Taking Root Online: a 10-week online course in which participants will get to know the ecology of their location and learn step-by-step how to create and nurture their own vegetable garden, exploring key science concepts along the way. For students learning from home this semester, classes will provide Next Generation Science Standards-aligned STEM content each week, looking at everything from how seeds germinate to soil chemistry to predator-prey dynamics in insects. For novice gardeners, this class will help participants avoid many of the most common pitfalls would-be food growers face and take a big step towards a greener future. This class has a section for 8-12 years old and a section for adults! For more info and to sign up: 

Forest Families: Ideal for ages 3-7, parents and kids will join Mandy as she guides the kids through engaging songs and gratitude around the fire circle along with plenty of unstructured play in the woods. For more info and to sign up: 

     Climbing for a Cure: In partnership with PFIC, we will be offering a beginner half-day, advanced half-day and full-day advanced instruction in rock climbing. For more info and to sign up: 

Red Oaks Birding Club:   

Join Tina Brouwer, our resident bird nerd, for outings and bird-centric experiences at the Red Oaks campus and other locations throughout Kentucky. 

     For more info and to sign up:

Forest Bathing: Forest bathing is the Japanese-coined term for immersing oneself in the atmosphere of the trees. Simply put, this practice blends mindfulness with nature immersion with things like sit spots, intentional slow walks, and short meditations. 

     For more info and to sign up: 

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