Sag Hollow Golf Club

* The 13th annual Ryder Cup match play challenge between Sag Hollow Golf Club and Beechfork Golf Club (Clay City) concluded Sunday, August 23 and Sag Hollow was able to defend their title that they have held since 2013 and improve their record to 11-2 in the event. The first day of play was held at Beechfork and the second day was at Sag Hollow. All play was match play with two man teams playing one 9 hole round in a scramble format and the second 9 holes in a best low ball (fourball) format. Sag Hollow won the point total at the conclusion of Day 2 by a score of 26-14. The trophy, which is kept in the winning team's clubhouse until the next Cup play decides otherwise, will remain at Sag Hollow.

The Sag Hollow's team this year consisted of McKindrick Little, John Turner, Jeff Sandlin, Brad Mullins, Kyle Bobrowski, Deron Mays, Tanner Morgan, Camron Turner, Cody Pennington, Mike Sheffel, Donnie Murrell, Matt Little, Zach Watterson, Andrew Noe, Jimmy Dunaway, Butch McWhorter, Roy Burton, Robert Smith, Matt Vickers, Charles Keller and Jimmie Herald.
* Last week's Tuesday league play was rained out with, 28 players entered, halfway through the round and was cancelled. Thursday's skins play was held as scheduled and had 26 golfers entered. There were 5 winners for the evening. Randy Osborne won hole 1, Deron Mays hole 3, Jeff sandlin hole 5, Eric Mason hole 8 and Brad Mullins hole 9. Closest to the pin winner on the par 3 third hole was Jeff Sandlin.
*  The All A 14th Region Tournament was held at Sag Hollow on Monday, August 24 but was too late for this edition of the Sentinel. I'll have a full report of the results in next week's Sag Hollow News. Eighteen boys and seven girls played in the tournament. Four boys teams were in the field of entries representing Owsley County, Breathitt County, Knott Central and Hazard, as well as individual entries from regional schools. Hazard was the only girls team to compete but there were individual players from other schools. 
* Sag Hollow's phone number is 593-4653 and the club's news and information can also be found on our website at and on the Sag Hollow Facebook site.
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