School Board Thanks McIntosh for His Service

Joyce Campbell presents Jerry McIntosh with a plaque, and thanked him for his 25 years of service and dedication to the Owsley County Board of Education.

By: Lisa Robinson, Editor

  The Owsley County Board of Education met in regular session on Tuesday, July 13, 2021.  The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Joyce Campbell.  The meeting was held in person, the first since the pandemic began over a year ago.  Each person was asked to introduce themselves since it had been a while since everyone had been together.  A motion was made and carried to approve the agenda as it was presented.  Another motion was made and carried to approve the minutes from the last meeting.  

     Chairperson Joyce Campbell, on behalf of the Owsley County Board of Education, made a “special, special” presentation.  She asked Jerry McIntosh to stand.  She presented him with a plaque and thanked him for his 25 years of service and dedication to the Owsley County Board of Education.  She told all in attendance that there was a sweet treat, as well.  

     The board had gotten a cake and ice cream to celebrate Jerry's retirement.  Dr. Bobrowski told everyone that they would see bears on the cake.  He and Jerry told a story about Jerry and a bear.  Dr. Bobrowski started the story by telling everyone that Jerry and his wife, Oneida, had gone camping at Buckhorn.  While there, Jerry saw a bear.

     Jerry went on to say that a while after they had gotten home from camping, a game warden or officer with Ky. Fish and Wildlife showed up.  Jerry was on his 4 wheeler when the officer arrived.  He stated that he was looking for Jerry McIntosh.  Jerry said, “I am Jerry McIntosh.”  The officer told him that they had received reports that he had shot a bear in his backyard.  Jerry told him, “no, but I did see one at Buckhorn.”  After talking for a few minutes, the officer realized Jerry was telling him the truth.

     Dr. Bobrowski then took over the storytelling again.  He stated that last Thursday, July 8th, as he was coming in to work, he noticed that WLEX had a couple of ladies getting some shots with their camera.  As they started loading their cameras, Dr. Bobrowski went up to the ladies and asked if they wanted to have a little fun.  Since they had no idea what was going on, he explained what he had in mind.  They came to the board with him and set up the camera in the board room.  Jerry was in his office working.  Dr. Bobrowski told a few of the people what he was doing.  After the ladies were set up and ready to go, he went and asked Jerry to come to the board room.  When Jerry came into the room, one of the ladies told him that they were here to investigate a bear killing.  

     Jerry then told the group that when the officer came to his house, he had asked the officer to tell his wife that they were going to arrest him for killing a bear.  When she came out, Jerry told her that they were there to arrest him for killing a bear.  She said, “what would you do???  What?”  

     After the cake and ice cream break, the meeting once again turned to business.  Brett Burns gave a presentation of the new classroom technology that they will be using this school year.  Each classroom will have a ViewSonicBoard.  This is an Energy Star product.  They are wireless.  The teachers will be getting a laptop.  There will be a camera that will be used, as well.  The Board is also touchscreen.  This will allow a teacher to write over what is displayed on the screen.  This has so many benefits for the teachers and students.  Mr. Burns stated that the Owsley County has all of their stuff in to send computers home with students on the first day of school.  Other school districts are not as lucky.  He stated that they are replacing all the chrome books.

     Mrs. Nolan told the board that the lighting on the stage is being replaced with LED lighting.  This is going to help the theater program as they get ready to start their year.  She also talked about taking some students on a theater trip.  Bob Martin, who has worked with Owsley County numerous times, has invited the theater group to come and work with a group of people out of Harlan, Kentucky.  There will be learning labs and things to keep the students busy all weekend.  Mrs. Nolan said that three of her students were going to get to go as well as her three kids.  This trip is July 23-25, 2021.  She asked for permission for the trip since it is an overnight trip.  Permission was granted and it will be on the next meeting agenda.  

     Autumn Herald, Finance Director/Treasurer, gave the Financial Report.  She explained that they are still trying to get the FY ending June 30th finished.  She said that everything would be finalized and they would be giving a better report of the financial report at the August meeting.  A motion was made and carried to approve the financial report.

     A motion was made and carried to approve the Trauma Plan.  A motion was made and carried to approve the Social Emotional Plan that is for students and teachers.  The principals from both the elementary and high school gave an update on the Summer School Program.  Then Mr. Alan Taylor, Agriculture Teacher, said that he would like to recognize Ryan Ratliff, OCHS student.  Ryan is in the FFA and Mr. Taylor stated that he would be a good replacement for the agriculture class “when I'm gone.”  Ryan was invited by Mr. Taylor to attend the Institute for Future Agriculture Leaders.  It is put on by the Farm Bureau.  It was held in June at Murray State University.  Ryan was  the only one that was there from this area.  A lot of team building activities were performed at this event.  Ryan is the President of the OC FFA and is Secretary of the Ky. Regional FFA.  Mr. Taylor said that next year Ryan will be another Star from the program.  Dr. Bobrowski told the board that the agriculture students were very busy at the Farmer's Market.

     A motion was made and carried to approve several consent items such as:  review the SBDM reports from both the OCES and OCHS, participation in NSLP and SSO School Meal Programs for SY 2021-2022, use of all eligible waivers for school meal programs for FY 2021-2022, participation in Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for SY 2021-2022, Single Source Bid for MUA Gas Hood System for OCES & OCHS, waiving board policy 03.115, KSBA Annual Policy Update 2nd Reading, the Save the Children Agreement 2021-2022, the Xerox Lease Agreement 2021, EHS/HS Dietician Agreement 2021-2022, EHS/HS Nurse Consultant Agreement 2021-2022, Ky. River Community Care Agreement 2021-2022, Ky. River District Health Department Contracts 2021-2022, Orientation/Mobility/Visually Impaired Agreement 2021-2022, Occupational Therapy Agreement 2021-2022, Physical Therapy Agreement 2021-2022, Farm to School Grant through KEDC 2021-2022, Elgin OCES Dental Agreement 2021-2022, Owsley County Elementary School Employee Work Calendar 2021-2022 and facility use request.  

     A motion was made and carried to go into executive session.  A motion was made and carried to adjourn the meeting.

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