* Tyler Murrell and Jimmie Herald tied at +1 in the Stableford scoring system used in the handicapped league play at Sag Hollow, and split the first place prize money Tuesday. For Tyler it was his first win ever in Sag Hollow's weekly event. Tyler began playing golf last year and has made leaps and bounds in progress in his golf ability through a lot of practice and hard work. The other winner, Jimmie Herald, not only tied for first place with Tyler for the individual win but  he also paired with Tony Burch to win the team portion of the league as well. 33 golfers played in the event.


* There were four wins in Thursday's skins game. Jimmie Herald claimed a win with a birdie on number 2, Tony Burch birdied number 3, and Randy Osborne won with birdies on numbers 5 and 7. 21 won golfers participated in the skins game.


* The Sag Hollow Golf Club Invitational Tournament will be held the weekend of June 11-13. Friday June 11 will kick off the tournament with an 18 hole scramble. Saturday and Sunday will be the invitational. Last year there were over 80 golfers in the tournament. Information about the tournament is on our Sag Hollow Golf Club Facebook site. I'll have more information in my articles in the upcoming weeks.


* Two more scrambles have been added to the schedule in the coming months. Annville Christian Academy will have an 18 hole fundraising scramble June 26 and Jackson County boys basketball will have a scramble July 24.


* Sag Hollow's phone number is 593-4653. Our website is saghollowgolf.com and our Facebook page is Sag Hollow Golf Club. 

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