Eddie Dean

 I love sunshine.  Cloudy days always seem to bring me down...it was not always that way.  I can recall the days when clouds, rain, or snow could not damping my spirits.  Age has brought with it some harsh realities.  I always seem to be searching and hoping for the light of the sun or any kind of brightness that will come my way.  Is this brightness something ordained for our spirits?  I have heard accounts of persons passing beyond and announcing that they were seeing and following the light.  I may be confused.  Maybe the light us older folks seek is not of the world, but we settle for the sun or whatever artificial light we can acquire.  In truth, the Hills of Kentucky can become damp, dark, dreary, and forbidden sometimes.  It's so today.  

     It's rained all day on the Rock House Branch, and the weather is dark and over cast.  Drizzle is heavy, and the clouds are low, dark and ominous.  The sky is overcast.  None the less, I ventured outside for a short walk.     Walking, huddled up, with my jacket pulled tight, I thought back to what I perceived was another day, in the far past, which could have been like this one.  It was a time far back in history when Jesus was transfigured on the Mountain.  It could have been such a day.  The Bible is not specific to the weather on that occasion, but it does indicate there were clouds and with clouds there is a real possibility that there were no sunlight.  

     Jesus was high on a Mountain on that particular cloudy day.  His disciples were along and witnessed his meeting with Elias and Moses and his conversing with the same.  To the disciples, Christ took on a glow, a brightness of shiny light.  Nothing on earth was brighter and the surrounding area displayed the light as well.  The disciples were scared and anxious.  They knew not what was happening.  Then from out of one of those high up, ominous clouds came a voice.  "This is my beloved Son, listen to Him."  Thinking of that passage, I was reminded that often brightness and light can occur, even in the darkest of days.  Thank you Mark chapter 9, for shedding some light on my dreary day...

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