The Babbling Belle

Jessica L Butler


By: Jessica L Butler


This column is dedicated to the wonderful people of both Lee and Owsley Counties.

  Happy New Year to all you super fab people out there! Are you so glad that we are in 2021? I know I am! 2020 was a crazy year to say the least, and I am so glad that it is over. 

  For us at the paper, the last paper of the year is always very reflective for obvious reasons. We look over the headlines from the year, and in those moments, realize how amazing our community is. Despite the bad that happens, the sunshine of our small community still shines through.

  2020 showcased the numerous reasons why it is so awesome to live in a small town….OUR small towns of Beattyville and Booneville. Our small towns and its citizens never cease to amaze through the good times and the bad. 

  As a community, we have overcome a lot due to Covid-19 in 2020. At times, we wonder what narrow, dark path it was taking us; losing some we loved along the way, but we are still here and still standing. NOTHING can keep good people down! 

  Life is not always easy in small Appalachian towns, but here in our small towns, we make it work and make it look good too! 

  I am proud of each and every person that calls the Appalachian Mountains home. You come from hard stock, because not only is it your strength that has kept you strong, the strength of those before you are what helps you to continue to forge on, no matter the obstacle you have to overcome along with the Lord’s help.

  I am hoping and praying that this year will be a much better year. I am looking forward to adding some new details to our paper and continuing back with my weekly video chats…..Lord willing and the creek don’t rise! (I live on Hwy 52 West in Lee County, there is really no creek that I have to cross, but you get what I am trying to say.) 

  I know 2020 was a tough year, but don’t give up! There are wonderful things upon the horizon for our communities that I know some people are working hard to achieve. Keep praying, believe for the best, and the sky will be the limit for both you and our communities that we call home. Happy 2021!  

  P.S. Don’t forget to look for my column and other great reads on our website that just doesn’t make to print on time. Be well and be blessed! ~ Jess ☺

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